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 (rĭ-sē′də, -sĕd′ə)
1. Any of various Mediterranean plants of the genus Reseda, including the mignonette, having densely flowered terminal racemes and divided petals.
2. A grayish or dark green to yellow green or light olive.

[New Latin Resēda, genus name, from Latin resēda, a kind of plant used to reduce tumors.]

re·se′da adj.
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(Plants) any plant of the European genus Reseda, including mignonette and dyer's rocket, which has small spikes of grey-green flowers
(Colours) of a greyish-green colour; mignonette
[C18: from New Latin, from Latin: heal! from resēdāre to assuage, from re- + sēdāre to soothe; see sedate2]
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Noun1.reseda - any plant of the genus Resedareseda - any plant of the genus Reseda  
herb, herbaceous plant - a plant lacking a permanent woody stem; many are flowering garden plants or potherbs; some having medicinal properties; some are pests
genus Reseda - Old World genus of herbs having racemose flowers: mignonette; dyer's rocket
mignonette, Reseda odorata, sweet reseda - Mediterranean woody annual widely cultivated for its dense terminal spikelike clusters greenish or yellowish white flowers having an intense spicy fragrance
dyer's mignonette, dyer's rocket, Reseda luteola, weld - European mignonette cultivated as a source of yellow dye; naturalized in North America
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CREATE an impressive informal display in a country garden with a towering mixture of foxgloves, delphinium, mignonette and other resedas. Expert tip Give plants a good start.