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tr.v. re·sem·bled, re·sem·bling, re·sem·bles
To exhibit similarity or likeness to.

[Middle English resemblen, from Old French resembler : re-, re- + sembler, to appear (from Latin simulāre, to imitate, from similis, like; see sem- in Indo-European roots).]

re·sem′bler n.
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Etymology: From Latin imitator (one that imitates, a resembler), in reference to the similarity of this species to P.
In order ways, too, they resembler red cells in humans with sickle cell trait, a milder form of sickle cell disease.
For example, linguistic evidence reveals that Choctaw women, who traditionally cultivated plants, thought of cattle as plants from which they gathered "fruits," and Choctaw men, who had long hunted deer, saw horses as "deer resemblers" (p.