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Full of, characterized by, or inclined to feel indignant ill will.

re·sent′ful·ly adv.
re·sent′ful·ness n.
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The quality or state of feeling bitter:
إسْتِياء، إمْتِعاض


(riˈzent) verb
to feel annoyed about (something) because one thinks it is unfair, insulting etc. I resent his interference in my affairs.
reˈsentful adjective
having or showing such a feeling of annoyance. She feels resentful that her sister married before she did.
reˈsentfully adverb
reˈsentfulness noun
reˈsentment noun
He has a feeling of resentment against the police after the way he was treated by them.
References in classic literature ?
"Would it?" I growled, much less amused now; but by the time I had decided that this remark was not meant for a dig at me he had worked himself into a high state of resentfulness against Falk.
A range of other problems attach to the rest of the characters, for example, Garry's sexual shame, Nathan's excessive seriousness and dogma, Frank's resentfulness, Larry's addictions, Helen's defensive anger and need for control, qualities that Julie is by turn translating into her own relationship.
In return, the pain has eaten into their core, drenching their soul with bitterness and resentfulness.
"The party condemns any kind of violence and resentfulness in politics," they pointed out.
Burnout has the tendency of reducing productivity and decreasing the level of one's energy, leaving a feeling of increasingly helplessness, hopelessness, cynicism, and resentfulness and at the long run; one may feel like he/she has nothing more to give.
Attempting to address any class divide or inequality results in disaster as well; considerately providing a rocking chair for a security guard on duty leads to a robbery, and befriending a resentful doorman only unleashes more resentfulness. (It has to be said that even purely good intentions can backfire, as Jerry learns when he tries to give his father a Cadillac.)
Self-interest, defensiveness, uncertainty, and resentfulness are characteristic of vulnerability (Pincus and Lukowitsky, 2010; Miller and Campbell, 2008; Wink, 1991).
Personality characteristics that could lead to hostile behavior include self-centeredness, immaturity, resentfulness, or a need for power and control.
Do identify contributing factors Personality characteristics that could lead to hostile behavior include self-centeredness, immaturity resentfulness, or a need for power and control.
They significantly decreased in anger, resentfulness, depression, stress symptoms, time pressure, morale issues, muscle aches, sleeplessness, and headaches.
Their resentfulness and their bored, 'couldn't give a s***' attitudes actually paid off in spades."