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And that is all our English reserve is--a mere matter of training.
"Helped by the kindness of my friend, I have arranged to have a cabin kept in reserve, on payment of a small deposit.
But "she could never get acquainted with her: she did not know how it was, but there was such coldness and reserve such apparent indifference whether she pleased or notand then, her aunt was such an eternal talker!and she was made such a fuss with by every body!and it had been always imagined that they were to be so intimatebecause their ages were the same, every body had supposed they must be so fond of each other." These were her reasons she had no better.
She could not be silent when such points were introduced, and she had neither shyness nor reserve in their discussion.
Would it be well to reserve the room for the special occupation of Mr.
But with this reserve, I venture to suggest that your remaining in London until to-morrow may possibly lead to other results besides your consultation at my chambers.
The reserve which I have hitherto maintained in this matter has been misinterpreted by members of my family whose good opinion I cannot consent to forfeit.
NORTH NIGERIA--The Mark Boat was within her right in warning you off the Reserve. The shadow of a low-flying dirigible scares the game.
That summer at Grand Isle she began to loosen a little the mantle of reserve that had always enveloped her.
Having thus provided myself with these maxims, and having placed them in reserve along with the truths of faith, which have ever occupied the first place in my belief, I came to the conclusion that I might with freedom set about ridding myself of what remained of my opinions.
Poor pantaloon, he was not an object to excite love, but the smile in her eyes was affectionate, and it was possible that her reserve concealed a very deep feeling.
The wildest beast that roams our waste places lairs in the frozen north or the frozen south within a government reserve, where the curious may view him and feed him bread crusts from the hand with perfect impunity.