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Noun1.reserve assets - capital held back from investment in order to meet probable or possible demands
plural, plural form - the form of a word that is used to denote more than one
assets - anything of material value or usefulness that is owned by a person or company
paper gold, special drawing rights - reserve assets in the International Monetary Fund; designed to supplement reserves of gold and convertible currencies used to maintain stability in the foreign exchange market
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The growth in the country's total external financial assets emanated mainly from the combined increases in reserve assets (which increased by 5.6 percent from $79.2 billion to $83.6 billion), residents' investments in equity capital and debt instruments of foreign affiliates (which rose by 4.1 percent from $51.9 billion to $54 billion) and residents' holdings of debt and equity securities issued by nonresidents (which grew by 4.1 percent from $20.5 billion to $21.3 billion).
The BSP noted that, the expansion in external financial assets came from the combined growth in reserve assets and residents' equity capital infusions.
The total stocks of External Assets for Palestinian economy amounted to USD 6,841 million, the Foreign Direct Investment Abroad contributed to 5%, Portfolio Investments abroad reached 20%, while Other Foreign Investments Abroad (mainly currency and deposits) reached 66% and Reserve Assets amounted to 9%.
Meanwhile, the country's external financial assets posted a modest growth despite the $2.6-billion decline in the BSP's reserve assets as of end-September 2018.
Trade credit and advances 51.8 -1.5 Reserve assets 449.7 11.6 Monetary gold 337.6 8.6 Special drawing rights 51.9 1.1 Reserve position in the 17.6 0.3 International Monetary Fund Other reserve assets 42.6 1.6 U.S.
Moreover, the reserve assets of Azerbaijan increased by $1.30 billion in January-March 2018.
The Central Bank of Turkey's official reserve assets soared 1.5 per cent up compared to the previous month
The main components of the international reserves were foreign currency reserves (US$102.9 billion), International Monetary Fund reserves position (US$0.8 billion), special drawing rights (SDRs) (US$1.2 billion), gold (US$1.6 billion) and other reserve assets (US$3 billion).
The accumulation in the country's reserve assets (0.8 percent) likewise contributed to the overall expansion of external financial assets.
A substantial portion of this rise came from an increase in the reserve assets, RBI said.
Official reserve assets rose by 4 percent, compared to USD107.6bn at the end of July.
Moreover, the conference will review the government performance in removing the obstacles facing the Egyptian foreign trade during the fiscal year(FY) 2016/2017, correcting the deficit in the balance of trade, such as a big pressure on the foreign exchange reserve assets of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE), and the implications of the currency flotation on the trade exchange system.

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