Reserve air

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(Physiol.) Same as Supplemental air, under Supplemental.

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He revealed he will place the LE Eithne and LE Orla in an operational reserve capacity until "adequate numbers of sufficiently qualified and experienced personnel are available".
Its strong economy was also highlighted, with growth forecast at 2.6 percent in 2019, partially as a result of its oil reserve capacity exceeding 266 billion barrels.
Given the reserve capacity concern on the country's main power grid, the Manila Electric Company (Meralco) emphasized that it coordinated with at least 98 participant-firms in the interruptible load program (ILP) in case there would be a need for capacity shoring up when the situation in the grid worsens.
At present, we have a 15 percent power reserve capacity.
Because of the insufficient management, the Bishkek power plant reserve capacity could not stand the load and the population left without heating for 5 days.
'The commission believes that the contracted ancillary capacity provided by SRPC is needed to augment the deficiency of ancillary reserve capacity to be able to maintain the reliability in the operation of the transmission system and in the reliability of the electricity supply in the Luzon grid,' the agency said.
According to the company, the improved HDMF battery has a higher reserve capacity and increased resistance to outside impact and vibration.
LEG said last June that a new unit in Kruonis could hardly generate electricity, but it would help ensure the required reserve capacity in the Baltic countries.
Wong and Yang [3] first incorporated the reserve capacity concept into a traffic signal control network.
This allowed the determination of basal rate of glycolysis and glycolytic reserve capacity.
The energy storage systems will be used for utility grid services, including flexible and reserve capacity, solar integration and voltage management in addition to retail energy services such as demand management, back up generation and enhanced power quality.

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