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Al-Hlailah said contents of the container were examined after the importer tried to reship them, thus arousing suspicion among the officers in charge.
It is never OK to lend money or accept and reship packages on behalf of your new love no matter how tragic the circumstances appear to be.
You have your package shipped to that address and then they reship the package to you.
The use of drops and middlemen includes a range of techniques that involve duping individuals and legitimate delivery companies to reship stolen goods and counterfeit money to safe addresses.
Not only do you have to fix existing deficiencies or replace the part and reship everything, the wasted management time can also slow other initiatives and hamper future relationships.
This squabble led Kulmiye's government to reship and bar refugees away.
"The customs personnel are assigned to received materials referred from customs exists, finalize customs procedures for the teams' materials, reship all materials and charge customs duties for unshipped materials", Shaikh Ahmed bin Hamad Al-Khalifa said.
"It makes no sense for us to ship to their warehouse only to reship the product directly to a consumer," Gorsek says.
United States have to reship billions of dollars of material and equipment from Afghanistan via Pakistan later this year.
Costs are associated with the loss or delay of cargo; counterfeit products; diversions; increased insurance premiums; supply chain disruptions; increased labor to reship or replace the cargo; business downtime; loss or delay in medication release; or the loss of sales.