residence time

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Noun1.residence time - the period of time spent in a particular place
duration, continuance - the period of time during which something continues
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Residence time distribution experiments [16-19] in a co-kneader show that the mean residence time becomes shorter and that the width of the distribution becomes narrower either by increasing the feed rate or the screw speed, with a slighter effect of the later.
The scientists estimated the residence time in the UHPH unit in order to assess the thermal load applied and deduce the corresponding share in the overall inactivation.
The inherent benefits of the 800 Series are said to be retained, including compact design, low residence time and a common deflector bore that eliminates tolerance stack-up.
Givens also notes that barrel residence time must be controlled carefully, because copolyester can degrade from excessive heating without showing any visible signs, though its properties can be reduced.
Pyrolysis temperature and residence time are two key factors affecting the retorting process and pyrolysates yield [6].
The small batch requirements lend themselves well to low volume micro extruders that protect the molecular weight of the extruded formulation by minimising the residence time and exposure to excessive heat in the machine.
Three key factors were monitored--blend residence time (the time spent inside the feeder), paddle speed and compression force.
Researchers said that the relatively long carbon residence time in the Ganges system has "big implications for the global carbon cycle," because "the longer it is stored in the soil, the longer it is kept away from the atmosphere" as CO2.
For the short-term transects, the average web site residence time for each transect site was calculated (in nights).
Product residence time within the Hosokawa Turbulizer is a mere 5 seconds (approx) during which the base product is coated with the melt.