resident commissioner

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resident commissioner

(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the representative of Puerto Rico in the US House of Representatives. He or she may speak but has no vote

res′ident commis′sioner

a nonvoting representative from a dependency entitled to speak in the U.S. House of Representatives.
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Noun1.resident commissioner - the representative of Puerto Rico in the United States House of Representativesresident commissioner - the representative of Puerto Rico in the United States House of Representatives
representative - a person who represents others
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Woodford, Resident Commissioner of the British Solomons.
I must add that Peggy, like Jerry, was born at Meringe Lagoon, on Meringe Plantation, which is of the Island of Ysabel, said Ysabel Island lying next north of Florida Island, where is the seat of government and where dwells the Resident Commissioner, Mr.
The investigation division has also been ordered to immediately contact the office of the chief secretary, resident commissioners of Chhattisgarh and J-K in order to see the welfare and wellbeing of the victims till they reach their native places in Chhattisgarh.
Referring to a series of meetings that he has been holding over the last few weeks with trade representatives, stakeholders, Delhi based Resident Commissioners of 8 Northeast States and State Representatives of Northeast, Dr Jitendra Singh said, this has enabled all of us to gain confidence about the feasibility and workability of the GST even under relatively difficult conditions of the Northeast.
We are conducting awareness sessions with embassies, resident commissioners of state houses and police stations.
Bodies of soldiers from other states were received by their respective resident commissioners.
These numbers do not include the additional 213 nonvoting Delegates and Resident Commissioners who have served in the House.
Convene first as Housing and Community Services Agency: adopt 2003-04 budget; progress on manual; appointment of resident commissioners.
type Air-Conditioners installed at Resident Commissioners office, A-2, Baba Kharak Sing Marg, New Delhi for 12 (twelve) months
They ( the three chief ministers) are not working in offices of Resident Commissioners.
Secretaries of power, water, food, senior railway officials, and resident commissioners of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha are some of the officials said to be attending the meeting on the orders of the central government.
To overcome these delays, he said, his Ministry has worked out a number of new methods including on-line submission of DPRs and UCs as well as involvement of the Delhi based Resident Commissioners for follow up of the projects of their respective States.

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