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According to the proposal, short-term rentals would not be allowed in a residentially zoned neighborhood.
They say the business is adjacent to a residentially zoned property and within 1,000 feet of a school, an active recreation facility and a church, each of which violates the county's zoning ordinance.
The hotel comprises 102 residentially inspired upscale guest rooms, studio and one-bedroom kitchen suites, along with restaurant, fitness center and prayer rooms.
What RIP is addressing is the recognition that single-family zones have historically been discriminatory because they exclude everything but the most expensive form of housing from most residentially zoned land.
The opening was much anticipated by both the community and owner Frederick Giachetti, who bought the 10-acre, residentially zoned land on Norwood Road in December 2012 and cleared several hurdles in order to open one of Long Island's few vineyards outside the East End.
The case of an owner of land adjoined to state land, who applied for its leasing for agricultural purposes and his application was dismissed because it was not covered by the provisions of Regulation 5 due to the fact that the land is situated in a village which is residentially developed with the construction of holiday houses and the applicant permanently resides abroad and he is not a professional farmer, was examined twice by the Supreme Court.
The CMC had submitted recommendations earlier to the Ministry demanding licence for commercial usage of the ground floor of residentially registered buildings in some places where services are scarce.
According to IESCO Spokesman, the power supply of different feeders and grid stations would remain suspended for the period from 10:00am to 15:00pm, Millatabad, Peshawar Road feeders, 09:00am to 15:00pm, F-7 (Katchery), Ajmal Shaheed feeders, 08:00am to 14:00pm, 6th Road, Comm; Center, Farooq Azam, 4th Road, E-Block, Shaheed M.Din, Abu Bakar, Tariq Shaheed, Residentially Colony, T and T, Asghar Mall, B-Block, New Malpur, Shakrial, J.M Road feeders, 09:00am to 13:00pm, HFF-3 and 4, HMC-1 feeders, 13:00pm to 17:00pm, HFF-1, 2 and 5, HMC-2 feeders, 09:00am to 16:00pm, Mari Time feeders, and surrounding areas.
This stems from the group's desire to stimulate the rental process and achieve full-occupancy to benefit the entire Al Wukair area, contributing to its revival residentially and commercially, and set it to be a lively hub in Qatar.
The definition of white land includes any residential or mixed-use land plot within the city boundaries, which has not been residentially developed yet.
Yousif Hasan said, "I would like to congratulate Al Salam Bank-Bahrain on yet another milestone with a new branch in Muharraq, one of the rapidly growing areas in Bahrain commercially and residentially. We appreciate Al Salam Bank's commitment to further strengthen and develop the Islamic banking and financial sector in the Kingdom."
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