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Plural of residuum.
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He outlines definitions of petroleum and types of products; analytical methods; sampling and measurement; test methods for gases, naphtha and solvents, gasoline, aviation and marine fuels, kerosene, diesel fuel, distillate and residual fuel oil, white oil, lubricating oil, grease, wax, residua and asphalt, and coke, carbon black, and graphite; and the use of data for feedstock and product evaluation and mapping and structural group analyses.
The fifty works that visit yielded, fifteen of which comprised this show, began as horticultural residua. Day trailed Giverny's gardeners on their pruning rounds and selected the most striking of the clipped botanicals, which she then pressed in a microwave, scanned digitally, and printed, magnified to eighteen times their original size, on photo paper.
The final chapters discuss residua and sequelae after surgery or interventional catheterization.
In the most classical approach this is achieved by minimizing the travel time residua:
On the other hand, Beckett, who translated his own works, thus produced variants or "residua," an endless flux of prose that fails to achieve wholeness as a result of an expulsion of texts, which is similar to the celebrated goal associated with abjection.