Residual air

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(Physiol.) that portion of air contained in the lungs which can not be expelled even by the most violent expiratory effort. It amounts to from 75 to 100 cubic inches. Cf. Supplemental air, under Supplemental.

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ISO13849-1, Category 3/4, Safety Dump Valves, VG342 / VP744 Series - Quickly exhaust residual air pressure in conformance to Category 3/4 and ISO13849-1 for machine safety.
The additional indication allows surgeons in the European Union to use HEMOPATCH to address bleeding and seal suture lines in diverse, complex procedures such as sealing residual air leaks during lung surgery, or replacing dura mater during neurosurgery preventing the loss of cerebrospinal fluid.
Another study reported that the persistence of the post-operative subdural cavity is a risk factor for reaccumulation of the hematoma and the presence of postoperative residual air prevents reduction of the cavity20.
This leaves the residual air that has passed through the separation process with appropriate enhanced levels of O2 content.