residual clay

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Noun1.residual clay - the soil that is remaining after the soluble elements have been dissolved
dirt, soil - the part of the earth's surface consisting of humus and disintegrated rock
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Artisanal mining is targeting gold mineralisation hosted in high grade quartz veins extending at depth, as well as extracting gold from shallow extensive residual clay zone containing abundant angular quartz fragments.
Pender M J, Kikkawa N, Liu P (2009) Macro-void structure and permeability of Auckland residual clay. Geotechnique 59, 773 778.
The exploration revealed the main revealed stratum of the working area includes Quaternary residual diluvial horizon and Liujiatan section and Zhongya section of Carboniferous system Yanguan Group, it is divided from new to old as follows now: Quaternary residual diluvial horizon (Qh): consist of clay, residual clay, sand and gravel stone, mainly distribute on both sides along the river and low-lying point of gully.