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tr.v. res·in·at·ed, res·in·at·ing, res·in·ates
To impregnate, permeate, or flavor with resin.
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Adj.1.resinated - impregnated or flavored with resin; "resinated wine"
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Contract awarded for Supply and inventory control system of assets for 6000 is 2000 assets robostop resinated labels licensed by mark 1 year; 4000 licenses for additional assets under management unit approval, label placement, account settings asset register and weekly activity reports for 1 year.
All those crazy days off the Victorian coast getting to know his boat has resinated with Molony, who in 2014, competed in his 25th Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race and was awarded the CYCA Veteran Ocean Racer of the Year.
Experimental design with the factors density and resin content (based on the oven-dried weight of bark particles) (2 specimens for each combination) Target Mass of density Tannin resin resinated (kg/[m.
Resinated colorants also commonly follow a similar path, utilizing an anionic acrylic or styreneacrylic resin, a nonionic co-dispersant, and a wetting surfactant.
ZetaSperse 3600 additive (52% in water) is best used as the primary stabilizer but can be used as a co-dispersant in resinated systems.
The agency will include resinated wood in the rule text and may be willing to include a short list of additional materials.
Materials that remain within the control of the generator, tires and resinated wood, however, must still meet the "legitimacy" criteria discussed below.
The company also offers a Resinfelt compact airlaid line to manufacture cured and semicured resinated felts for acoustic insulation and molded parts for automotive and other uses.
In order to fix his tiny marks he may, like Jan van Eyck, have resinated the oils he mixed with the first layer of his colours.
From its possible origins in Eastern Turkey around 5000 BC, wine moved into the Minoan and Mycenaean worlds, where it was resinated or flavoured with bay and rue (166-70).
In 1994, chemical testing confirmed resinated wine inside two jars excavated by a University of Pennsylvania archaeological team at the Neolithic site of Hajji Firuz Tepe, Iran, dating to about 5400 B.
Apart from Oddbins, who can actually boast an impressive list, most of the High Street wine outlets or supermarkets offer little choice, usually limited to resinated Retsina or Mavrodaphne, a rather sickly 'poor man's port'.