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Possible to resist: resistible impulses.

re·sist′i·bil′i·ty n.
re·sist′i·bly adv.
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The tooling in Ukraine of model tests of objects of energy, aviation and space-rocket engineering on resistibility to action of pulsed current of artificial lightning.
The anchorage connector is made up of different materials such as stainless steel, alloy steel, zinc plated steel to provide good breaking strength and corrosion resistibility. The availability of different anchorage connector and demand for the various purpose is expected to boost the growth of the anchorage connector market.
To study the performance stability and wetting resistibility of the samples, a long-term DCMD test (50 h) was conducted for a selected membrane (the PVDF-60 that shows the best performance in the short-term test).
Through simulation analyses, they concluded that the average weight and the average in-degree should be increased, respectively, for enhancing the resistibility of overloading and short-loading failures.
The average point of the driver's resistibility against emotions is 3.55 (SD = 0.989), with 123 interviewees (59.1% of all) above the average.
The scheme proposed herein performs key update to provide resistibility to de-synchronization attack.
Based on these facts, weatherability tests were conducted comparing the injection molded parts, with mold temperature of 40[degrees]C, and the parts molded by H&C method, with mold temperature of 120[degrees]C, to verify the enhanced resistibility against weather.
Yoshitake, "[Fe.sup.3+] coordinated to amino-functionalized MCM-41: an adsorbent for the toxic oxyanions with high capacity, resistibility to inhibiting anions, and reusability after a simple treatment," Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, vol.
Moreover, it was reported that ovarian cancer stem cells, which have the capacity to differentiate into the various cell types that compose the tumor mass, have resistibility to typical chemical therapy (Ponnusamy and Batra 2008).
[5.] Yerokhin AI, Aboneev VV, Karasev EA, Erokhin SA, Aboneev DV (2010) Predicting Productivity, Reproductivity, and Resistibility in Sheep.
Both genders displayed a similar pattern in force decrements, which suggests comparable fatigue resistibility during intense muscle contractions.
This disorder is unsurpassed in its psychological misorienting and mentacidal efficacy, perhaps boosted by the religious-spiritual-moral tradition of ADP, its usage in oppression of ADP, and in its resistibility to amelioration at individual and institutional levels.