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Of, tending toward, or marked by resistance: a person resistive to change.

re·sis′tive·ly adv.
re·sis′tive·ness n.


in a resistive manner, with resistance
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The applied force was determined by measuring the change in resistively through the electric circuit.
Direct resistively heated column gas chromatography (Ultrafast module-GC) for high-speed analysis of essential oils of differing complexities.
Sodano, "Piezoelectric damping of resistively shunted beams and optimal parameters for maximum damping," Journal of Vibration and Acoustics, vol.
Manara, "Analysis and design of ultra thin electromagnetic absorbers comprising resistively loaded high impedance surfaces," IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, vol.
However, in those experiments the wires were resistively heated to temperatures representative of those in gear contacts through the application of increasing current.
To ensure continuous performance, the Pinner Easy features resistively coupled long-life tungsten emitters for increased safety and reduced EMI.
In ultra-fast mode, metal capillary columns are directly resistively heated, allowing a number of benefits, including greatly increased ramp rates and upper temperature limits, as well as decreased cool down times and reduced energy consumption.
The inner tube is resistively heated, the upper 2.75 m of the 3.66 m long test section being the heated length.
A resistively heated iridium wire (99.5%, 0.5 mm diameter, and 500 mm long, TANAKA HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.) was used as a hot-wire catalyst.
The investigations were done on p-type (100) wafer with resistively of 10-20 Q-cm.
In 1990, a technique produces a large quantity of C60 developed by resistively heating graphite rocks in helium atmosphere.