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Of, tending toward, or marked by resistance: a person resistive to change.

re·sis′tive·ly adv.
re·sis′tive·ness n.


in a resistive manner, with resistance
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He has shown how strong magnetic field is generated during particle acceleration and how it enables cosmic ray acceleration to high energy; initiated the theory of non-local transport for heat flow in inertial confinement fusion; explained the collimation of laser-produced energetic electrons by resistively generated magnetic field; and, with John Kirk, demonstrated the possibility of electron-positron pair production in ultra-high intensity laser-plasma interactions, his citation from the RS says.
To ensure continuous performance, the Pinner Easy features resistively coupled long-life tungsten emitters for increased safety and reduced EMI.
In ultra-fast mode, metal capillary columns are directly resistively heated, allowing a number of benefits, including greatly increased ramp rates and upper temperature limits, as well as decreased cool down times and reduced energy consumption.
In 1990, a technique produces a large quantity of C60 developed by resistively heating graphite rocks in helium atmosphere.
The material was inserted into the quartz chamber of the pyrolysis unit and then heated resistively in a nitrogen environment under the following program: the initial temperature of pyrolysis was set at 250[degrees]C for 30s, after that, temperature ramp of 5[degrees]C/min up to one of the final temperature of 300[degrees]C, 750[degrees]C or 1000[degrees]C was programmed.
Glow-plug based mini IC engines use a resistively heated glow plug, having a platinum coil, to initiate combustion of the fuel-air charge.
Manara, "Analysis and design of ultra thin electromagnetic absorbers comprising resistively loaded high impedance surfaces," IEEE Trans.
Fusco, "Performance enhancement of salisbury screen absorber using a resistively loaded high impedance ground plane," Proceedings of the Fourth European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP 2010), 1-5, 2010.
However, despite examples of the two terms, many of my White students so predictably and resistively (9) wrote "American" as their ethnicity.
Some of these attempts were to resistively load the antenna to obtain higher radiation efficiency with small late-time ringing and reduced antenna dimensions [12].
God is the catapulting ground from which the struggle for life among the crushed ones and fragile classes resistively rests, resourcefully grows, and providentially overflows.
5 that the volume resistively decreases with increase in loading of the nanotubes.