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v. re·solved, re·solv·ing, re·solves
a. To make a firm decision about: resolved that I would do better next time. See Synonyms at decide.
b. To decide or express by formal vote: The legislature resolved that the official should be impeached.
c. To cause (a person) to reach a decision: "He was resolved to enjoy the success he had earned" (F. Scott Fitzgerald).
2. To change or convert: My resentment resolved itself into resignation.
3. To find a solution to; solve: resolved the problem.
4. To remove or dispel (doubts).
5. To bring to a usually successful conclusion: resolve a conflict.
6. Medicine To cause reduction of (an inflammation, for example).
7. Music To cause (a tone or chord) to progress from dissonance to consonance.
8. Chemistry To separate (an optically inactive compound or mixture) into its optically active constituents.
9. To render parts of (an image) visible and distinct.
10. Mathematics To separate (a vector, for example) into coordinate components.
11. Archaic To separate (something) into constituent parts.
12. Obsolete To cause (something) to melt or dissolve: "O, that this too too solid flesh would melt / Thaw and resolve itself into a dew!" (Shakespeare).
1. To reach a decision or make a determination: resolve on a course of action.
2. To become separated or reduced to constituents.
3. Music To undergo resolution.
1. Firmness of purpose; resolution: "my fierce, indignant resolve to visit those sun-kissed islands" (Caitlin Flanagan).
2. A determination or decision; a fixed purpose: "She had come to a resolve to undertake outdoor work in her native village" (Thomas Hardy).
3. A formal resolution made by a deliberative body.

[Middle English resolven, to dissolve, from Old French resolver, from Latin resolvere, to untie : re-, re- + solvere, to untie; see leu- in Indo-European roots.]

re·solv′a·bil′i·ty, re·solv′a·ble·ness n.
re·solv′a·ble adj.
re·solv′ed·ly (-zŏl′vĭd-lē) adv.
re·solv′er n.
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(rɪˈzɒlvəbəl) or


able to be resolved or analysed
reˌsolvaˈbility, reˌsoluˈbility, reˈsolvableness, reˈsolubleness n
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Adj.1.resolvable - capable of being solved; "such problems are perfectly solvable"
soluble - susceptible of solution or of being solved or explained; "the puzzle is soluble"
2.resolvable - capable of being settled or resolved; "all disputed points are potentially resolvable"; "a resolvable quarrel"
reconcilable - capable of being reconciled; "her way of thinking is reconcilable with mine"
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[rɪˈzɒlvəbl] ADJsoluble
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problem, conflict, crisislösbar; doubtzerstreubar; a dispute/an issue which is not resolvableein Streit m, → der nicht beigelegt/ein Thema nt, → das nicht geklärt werden kann
(into elements) → zerlegbar; (= convertible)auflösbar
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References in classic literature ?
From these, in a narrow and a dirty street devoted to such callings, Mr Wegg selects one dark shop-window with a tallow candle dimly burning in it, surrounded by a muddle of objects vaguely resembling pieces of leather and dry stick, but among which nothing is resolvable into anything distinct, save the candle itself in its old tin candlestick, and two preserved frogs fighting a small- sword duel.
The Turkish diplomat held that the border issues between Iran and Turkey are resolvable through cooperation and consultation between the two sides' officials and private sector agents, promising that he will convey the issues and problems raised in the meeting to the high-ranking Turkish officials, adding
The enigma, though, is resolvable. It all depends how the 'VIP movement' that society often gets to deal with allows it to be resolved.
"But we have now had assurances that the issues with replacing the pitches is resolvable."
"From what I've seen I would say it's resolvable, it's sortable, we will sort it, we will find a solution and I want to give my assurances to the 20,000 pensioners that I am here to sort this."
He said taking advantage of favourable atmosphere prevailed as a result of high level bilateral visits, there was a need to further expedite efforts on all resolvable issues.
"The chain of attacks from Paris to San Bernardino to Istanbul to the Ivory Coast and now to Brussels, and the daily attacks in Israel - this is one continuous assault on all of us," Netanyahu said during his address to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee's annual conference. "In all these cases, the terrorists have no resolvable grievances.
Ernie says: "PTSD should be regarded as something which is inevitable - and resolvable. The establishment must admit we have a problem."
Some of these may only be resolvable by viewers trained in architecture or graphic design.
In its Saturday statement, the party said that the subsidies issue is "sensitive" and suggested that the government focus on other resolvable issues "that are less harsh on citizens' livelihoods", including adjusting special funds, reducing the number of government advisers and cutting government spending.
It is significantly brighter and bigger than M13 and, being closer to us, has more individually resolvable stars.