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v. res·o·nat·ed, res·o·nat·ing, res·o·nates
1. To exhibit or produce resonance or resonant effects.
2. To evoke a feeling of shared emotion or belief: "Bethune projected a strong presence of achievement and pride that resonated among African Americans" (Audrey Thomas McCluskey).
3. To correspond closely or harmoniously: "Symbolism matters, especially if the symbols resonate with the larger message" (William Greider).
To cause to resound.

[Latin resonāre, resonāt-; see resound.]

res′o·na′tion n.
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Adj.1.resonating - characterized by resonance; "a resonant voice"; "hear the rolling thunder"
reverberant - having a tendency to reverberate or be repeatedly reflected; "a reverberant room"; "the reverberant booms of cannon"
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Washington Irving has chosen the Weenotes Ensemble Package which includes the Piper, an 11-note resonating xylophone, the Merry, also an 11-C-note resonating xylophone style panel, and the Griffin, a tall, 11-note resonated metallophone chime.
If we could measure our energy as some kind of resonance, then you are either resonating at a high or low level.
Who: GE Sensing has launched a trench-etched resonant pressure sensor (Terps) technology that it says increases accuracy and stability by a factor of 10 over existing piezoresistive pressure sensors, while extending the pressure range capability associated with resonating pressure technology sensors.
Pure notes of very low-frequency sound resonate throughout the Sun's interior like vibration patterns resonating in a bell.