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He could not swim, and the water was very deep; but still he lost no particle of that self-confidence and resourcefulness which were the badges of his superior being.
As I ran for my life through the dark galleries beneath the palace of Salensus Oll I must indeed have presented a remarkable appearance had there been any to note it, for though death loomed large about me, my face was split by a broad grin as I thought of the resourcefulness of the nameless hero of Marentina to whom I owed my life.
He was big enough to admit it and admire it even in a German spy, but he saw that in this case it only added to her resourcefulness and made her all the more dangerous and the necessity for putting her out of the way paramount.
Always had he depended upon his own prowess and resourcefulness, nor had there ever been since the days of Kala any to answer an appeal for succor.
Well, he's simply a genius of hypocrisy and resourcefulness in disarming the suspicions of the lawyers--so there's nothing much to wonder at, I suppose!
Hospital employee job resourcefulness: An empirical study and implications for health care marketing.
He writes: "It is very hard for me to imagine that many people would have the heroic energy, ambition, and resourcefulness to take the great risk of leaving everything behind and moving to a new country, but then also have the complete lack of energy and ambition and resourcefulness that would leave them doing nothing more once here than going on the dole.
Imagination and Resourcefulness Are Prospecting Tools
They are apart when the red wind and rain of boulders shatter their cosy lives and they must summon bravery, resourcefulness and compassion, whilst continually worrying about each other's fate.
I think you should stop worrying and start getting your Scorpio resourcefulness stirred up!
Harvey Bernier Jr., has been awarded the chamber's Lifetime Achievement Award, given to those whose spirit, resourcefulness and determination has been a major contribution to the Greater Rochester area and whose lifelong contributions to the community have inspired others to work toward positive change.
"The committee is expected to report back to me within next June," HM the King underlined, urging the committee to show resourcefulness and creativity in order to come up with an advanced constitutional system which is suitable for Morocco, now and into the future.