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1. respective.
2. respectively.
3. respelled; respelling.
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The family of all []-S-OS (resp. []-S-CS) of X is denoted by ([]POS(X)) (resp.
The program help new immigrants to: learn how to use credit cards wisely by paying bills on time and limiting themselves to one or two cards; set up RESPs to help students pay for post-secondary studies; and get a mortgage plan that is best suited to their family.
The reduction of average CO2 emissions of newly registered cars in the EU shall amount to 15% by 2025, resp. 30% by 2030, based on the benchmark of 95 grams CO2 per kilometre (2016: 118.1 g/km), the EU fleet average to be achieved by new cars by 2021, at the latest.
We found that 3 month old Cdkl5 +/and Cdkl5 -/- female mice showed a reduced olfactory performance compared with wild-type (Cdkl5 +/+) females [Kruskal-Wallis, p = 0.0019; Dunn's test: p = 0.0387 and p = 0.0016, resp.] (Figure 2(b)), suggesting an olfactory impairment in the Cdkl5 KO mice.
Biliary etiology was the most frequent primary cause of AP in both areas in 2011 (49% versus 54%, resp.) and in 2016 (45% versus 43%, resp.).
For a nonempty subset A of S, a [member of] A and S [contains as member] b [less than or equal to] a, then b [member of] A is called a right (resp., left) ideal [18] of S if AS [subset or equal to] A (resp., SA [subset or equal to] A).
TLDA with 1024-bit (resp., 2048bit) key size provides the best performance of 41.35 Mbps (resp., 40.699 Mbps) when MHT size is 32 (resp., 64) while CCNx with 1024-bit (resp., 2048-bit) key size offers the best performance of 32.601 Mbps (resp., 23.14 Mbps) when MHT size is 16 (resp., 32).
Rely, Asur, Resp, Emp and Tang) of service quality.
Standard calculations, according to which firms A, 1, and 2 simultaneouslymaximise their profits (see (5), (6), and (7), resp.) by using the direct demand functions (see (1), (2), and (3), resp.), lead to the following equilibrium prices, quantities, and profits:
After the treatment with MK801 (0.01, 0.1, and 1 [micro]M) plus NMDA, the overexpressions of COX-2 were reversed (137 [+ or -] 7%, 130 [+ or -] 12%, and 98 [+ or -] 9% of the control, resp.; Figure 1(d)) as compared with those in NMDA-treated rats.