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Showing or marked by proper respect.

re·spect′ful·ly adv.
re·spect′ful·ness n.


full of, showing, or giving respect
reˈspectfully adv
reˈspectfulness n


(rɪˈspɛkt fəl)

characterized by or showing politeness or deference.
re•spect′ful•ly, adv.


1. 'respectable'

Someone or something that is respectable is approved of by people and considered to be morally correct.

He came from a perfectly respectable middle-class family.
2. 'respectful'

If your behaviour is respectful, you show respect for someone or something.

The woman kept a respectful silence.
The Security Officer was standing at a respectful distance holding a plastic cup of coffee.
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Adj.1.respectful - full of or exhibiting respect; "respectful behavior"; "a respectful glance"
courteous - characterized by courtesy and gracious good manners; "if a man be gracious and courteous to strangers it shows he is a citizen of the world"-Francis Bacon
humble - marked by meekness or modesty; not arrogant or prideful; "a humble apology"; "essentially humble...and self-effacing, he achieved the highest formal honors and distinctions"- B.K.Malinowski
reverent - feeling or showing profound respect or veneration; "maintained a reverent silence"
disrespectful - exhibiting lack of respect; rude and discourteous; "remarks disrespectful of the law"; "disrespectful in the presence of his parents"; "disrespectful toward his teacher"
2.respectful - feeling or manifesting veneration
reverent - feeling or showing profound respect or veneration; "maintained a reverent silence"



Marked by courteous submission or respect:
يَنِمُّ عن الإحْتِرام
sem sÿnir tilhlÿîilega virîingu


[rɪsˈpektfʊl] ADJrespetuoso


[rɪˈspɛktfʊl] adjrespectueux/euse


adjrespektvoll (towards gegenüber); to be respectful of somethingetw respektieren; to keep a respectful silencerespektvoll schweigen; to follow somebody at a respectful distancejdm in angemessenem Abstand folgen


[rɪsˈpɛktfʊl] adjrispettoso/a


(rəˈspekt) noun
1. admiration; good opinion. He is held in great respect by everyone; He has no respect for politicians.
2. consideration; thoughtfulness; willingness to obey etc. He shows no respect for his parents.
3. a particular detail, feature etc. These two poems are similar in some respects.
1. to show or feel admiration for. I respect you for what you did.
2. to show consideration for, a willingness to obey etc. One should respect other people's feelings/property.
reˈspectable adjective
1. having a good reputation or character. a respectable family.
2. correct; acceptable. respectable behaviour.
3. (of clothes) good enough or suitable to wear. You can't go out in those torn trousers – they're not respectable.
4. large, good etc enough; fairly large, good etc. Four goals is a respectable score.
reˈspectably adverb
reˌspectaˈbility noun
reˈspectful adjective
having or showing respect.
reˈspectfully adverb
reˈspectfulness noun
reˈspecting preposition
about; concerning. Respecting your salary, we shall come to a decision later.
reˈspective (-tiv) adjective
belonging to etc each person or thing mentioned. Peter and George went to their respective homes.
reˈspectively (-tiv-) adverb
referring to each person or thing mentioned, in the order in which they are mentioned. Peter, James and John were first, second and third, respectively.
reˈspects noun plural
greetings. He sends his respects to you.
pay one's respects (to someone)
to visit (a person) as a sign of respect to him.
with respect to
about; concerning. With respect to your request, we regret that we are unable to assist you in this matter.
References in classic literature ?
To the Comtesse Seraphina San Severino, with the respectful homage of sincere and deep admiration.
A WIDOW weeping on her husband's grave was approached by an Engaging Gentleman who, in a respectful manner, assured her that he had long entertained for her the most tender feelings.
These he presented to me with a few unintelligible words, and a bearing at once respectful and menacing.
He did not in his heart respect his mother, and without acknowledging it to himself, he did not love her, though in accordance with the ideas of the set in which he lived, and with his own education, he could not have conceived of any behavior to his mother not in the highest degree respectful and obedient, and the more externally obedient and respectful his behavior, the less in his heart he respected and loved her.
Further information concerning my doings (as well as concerning that affair with the officers) must be deferred until tonight.--Your affectionate and respectful friend,
Every house shall have one entrance in the Eastern side, for the use of Females only; by which all females shall enter "in a becoming and respectful manner" and not by the Men's or Western door.
"Good!" cried she, furious, "he has assumed his respectful air -- and he will pout for a week."
A soft, respectful voice came to him from the other room.
Consequently, if ever you come again into any room in this house, you will make a short stay in it if you don't behave towards that lady in your most respectful manner.
"Is he industrious at his work and respectful to you?"
Pay my bill and sneak off at once to the next town; but how pass through the grinning line of boots, and waiter, and chambermaid, and ironically respectful landlord and landlady, in the hall .
"How pleasant it is, your excellency!" he said with a respectful smile.