tr.v. re·spelled or re·spelt (-spĕlt′), re·spell·ing, re·spells
To spell again or in a new way, especially by using a phonetic alphabet.


vb (tr)
1. (Linguistics) to spell again
2. (Linguistics) to alter the spelling of



to spell again or anew, esp. using a different system of symbols.
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There are no significant differences between groups with respell to the above baseline characteristics.
First, the children were cognizant of words they did and did not know; they tended to respell difficult words indicating dissatisfaction with what they produced.
May, and Respell Lulu Turner (Quezon City: New Day Publishers, 1992), p.
Next, the student was told that the word was spelled incorrectly and asked to try and respell it.
Systems which respell Cornish words, such as Kernewek Kemmyn, are liable to be criticised by some people as being artificial and not Cornish.
Automynorcagram (initial letters of words respell beginning of
Because he seemed uncomfortable, I didn't press him to respell the name for me, and thankfully, I noticed his name on his paper and copied it from there.
The Notes/Rests menu features a large number of global commands: not only are there three transposition options (which affect both notes and chord symbols), there are commands to delete redundant accidentals, to respell notes enharmonically, to renotate rhythms to make them conform to standard notational practice for the meter in use, to collect multiple measures of rests in a part and create multi-bar rests from them, to fill empty measures with whole rests, to remove gaps in the score, and to remove modifiers.
The stone house, decked with capiz windows, has Filipino wooden furniture with European accents, and spacious rooms designed with reproductions of Juan Luna's paintings by his understudy Pedro Respell.
First, it is apparent that in choosing to avoid diacritics for the many Sanskrit names occurring in the bulk of the work, and to respell them as suits the impoverished English alphabet, and to "translate" the many orotund titles of the Sanskrit works at issue, Pollock is aiming his work chiefly at a non-specialist audience, unused to or impatient of foreign exotica.
And that's why she could muster enough courage to suggest to Ekta that she respell the title of her next film.
Born Rosamund Ball, she married George Francis Armytage in 1884 and respelled her first name, therefore publishing her first poems as Rosamond Armytage or R.