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tr.v. re·spelled or re·spelt (-spĕlt′), re·spell·ing, re·spells
To spell again or in a new way, especially by using a phonetic alphabet.
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vb (tr)
1. (Linguistics) to spell again
2. (Linguistics) to alter the spelling of
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to spell again or anew, esp. using a different system of symbols.
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In doing so, Fassler holds forth the examples of European counterparts DeLonghi, Krups, Braun, Rowenta and Tefal (lately respelled T-Fal), all of which are satellites of larger, global entities, and which have slowly but surely built their American businesses with the long-term in mind.
Female and male have no historical connection at all; female, from a French diminutive of femme, was respelled to look like it was derived from male!
Corrected or respelled XANADU in the printed version in 1816, this
The words on the page are respelled to represent approximately the sound of this speech and, in some cases, to give individual voices to the characters.
Zoolander broke with dictionary tradition, however, and respelled the word as DAIYE.
However, its powers we respelled out in March, 2013 two months before the end of the tenure of the sitting government.
Kingsnorth provides a glossary for such words (e.g., werod, "war band") and for respelled words that are not easily recognizable (e.g., havoc, "hawk").
45 (Ger+6 in F minor), 48 (Ger+6 in B minor), 50 (Ger+6 in E[flat] minor), 56 (also a Ger+6 in E[flat] minor--although the passage is ultimately in D[flat] major), and 63 (Ger+6 in F major--here, the B[natural] has been enharmonically respelled as C[flat]).
A chair is a silya, merely respelled from the original silla, and a table is a mesa or the more complete la mesa.
The last of these is unusual from a southwards-tilted perspective: in multiple manuscripts it is respelled 'Hooe'.
Born Rosamund Ball, she married George Francis Armytage in 1884 and respelled her first name, therefore publishing her first poems as Rosamond Armytage or R.
The Carnegie Committee report recommended that 300 words be respelled in government documents.