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A recent study from our research group has demonstrated that a 14-d supranutritional antioxidant supplementation (100 IU/kg VE plus 1.2 ppm selenium) could not only mitigate oxidative stress, but also effectively ameliorate the respiration rate and respiratory alkalosis in heat-stressed sheep [13], suggesting that a short-term supranutritional antioxidant supplementation effectively mitigate the HS-induced oxidative stress and exhibit a novel function in maintaining acid-base balance.
As noted in this patient, respiratory alkalosis is a common symptom in UCDs caused by hyperventilation secondary to hyperammonemia and cerebral edema.
Due to the presence of pleural effusion, in combination with RBBB and respiratory alkalosis in a patient with underlying procoagulant condition (primary myelofibrosis), a computerized tomography of pulmonary vessels was performed, which excluded the presence of pulmonary embolism/thrombosis.
Cerebral edema due to hyperammonia causes hyperventilation and respiratory alkalosis (6,8).
Evaluation of Evidence and Discussion Related to Direct Respiratory Center Stimulatory Action of Progesterone Hormone and it's Relation to Respiratory Alkalosis
Depending upon the severity of fluid accumulation, respiratory alkalosis or acidosis may develop.
Family history was significant in the patient: he had one older brother who died at 18 months old from severe and sudden hyperammonemia leading to neurological deterioration, respiratory alkalosis, and brain death.
In pregnancy, there is an understood mild physiological respiratory alkalosis and a hyperfiltration in the kidneys secondary to increased blood volume.
There are four major acid-base disorders: respiratory acidosis, respiratory alkalosis, metabolic acidosis and metabolic alkalosis.
A final diagnosis of ethanol-related acute hepatitis with high anion-gap metabolic acidosis owing to mixed lactic acidosis and alcohol-related ketoacidosis, associated with metabolic alkalosis and respiratory alkalosis, electrolyte imbalance, and hypoglycemia was made.
The problem, I was asked to help with was an impressive respiratory alkalosis. Well, this was going to be an easy phone consult.
Radiographs were unremarkable and alkalemia due to primary respiratory alkalosis was apparent in the arterial blood gases analysis results (Table 1).