respiratory disease

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Noun1.respiratory disease - a disease affecting the respiratory system
adult respiratory distress syndrome, ARDS, wet lung, white lung - acute lung injury characterized by coughing and rales; inflammation of the lungs which become stiff and fibrous and cannot exchange oxygen; occurs among persons exposed to irritants such as corrosive chemical vapors or ammonia or chlorine etc.
flu, grippe, influenza - an acute febrile highly contagious viral disease
pertussis, whooping cough - a disease of the respiratory mucous membrane
cold, common cold - a mild viral infection involving the nose and respiratory passages (but not the lungs); "will they never find a cure for the common cold?"
asthma, asthma attack, bronchial asthma - respiratory disorder characterized by wheezing; usually of allergic origin
bronchitis - inflammation of the membranes lining the bronchial tubes
emphysema, pulmonary emphysema - an abnormal condition of the lungs marked by decreased respiratory function; associated with smoking or chronic bronchitis or old age
pneumonia - respiratory disease characterized by inflammation of the lung parenchyma (excluding the bronchi) with congestion caused by viruses or bacteria or irritants
atypical pneumonia, mycoplasmal pneumonia, primary atypical pneumonia - an acute respiratory disease marked by high fever and coughing; caused by mycoplasma; primarily affecting children and young adults
interstitial pneumonia - chronic lung disease affecting the interstitial tissue of the lungs
pneumoconiosis, pneumonoconiosis - chronic respiratory disease caused by inhaling metallic or mineral particles
hyaline membrane disease, respiratory distress syndrome, respiratory distress syndrome of the newborn - an acute lung disease of the newborn (especially the premature newborn); lungs cannot expand because of a wetting agent is lacking; characterized by rapid shallow breathing and cyanosis and the formation of a glassy hyaline membrane over the alveoli
SARS, severe acute respiratory syndrome - a respiratory disease of unknown etiology that apparently originated in mainland China in 2003; characterized by fever and coughing or difficulty breathing or hypoxia; can be fatal
cough, coughing - a sudden noisy expulsion of air from the lungs that clears the air passages; a common symptom of upper respiratory infection or bronchitis or pneumonia or tuberculosis
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Through the agreement, Teva will acquire CareTRx, a novel cloud-based solution developed by Gecko Health Innovations, designed to simplify chronic respiratory disease management, connecting patients and caregivers through remote monitoring and real-time adherence tools.
We present results for the five main NCDs (cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic respiratory disease, diabetes, and mental health).
A large number of patients suffering from respiratory disease, asthma, Tuberculosis and other, daily visit hospitals and private clinics he said adding that carbon, nitrogen, smoke and dust particles in the air causing diseases among people.
Poor lung function and obstructive respiratory disease were strongly associated with the risk of incident heart failure in a 15-year study of 16,000 people aged 45 through 64 from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
SAN FRANCISCO -- A small, retrospective study suggests that patients with aspirin-exacerbated respiratory disease may be safely desensitized to aspirin in an office setting rather than in a hospital.
Nina McAleer has been appointed the first trained British Lung Foundation nurse in Newcastle, who will help to improve the care for patients with severe respiratory disease in the city.
Stroke dropped to the fourth leading cause of death in 2008, while deaths from chronic lower respiratory disease rose, according to a recent preliminary report from the National Center for Health Statistics.
This review of respiratory disease research performed by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) evaluates the strategic goals of the program such as the prevention and reduction of work-related airway diseases, interstitial lung diseases and respiratory malignancies.
By using alternative, electronic data sources (1), real-time syndromic surveillance systems have the potential to detect outbreaks of respiratory disease before conventional diagnosis- and laboratory-based surveillance identifies them.
Step one includes estimation of disease burden and population needs, identification of risk factors for chronic respiratory diseases and respiratory allergies and undertaking surveillance on chronic respiratory disease risk factors and trends in disease burden.
Association between early life history of respiratory disease and morbidity and mortality in adulthood.
THE NGRC yesterday issued a synopsis on the current situation regarding the 'canine infectious respiratory disease' which has been under investigation since the sudden death of a number of greyhounds, revealing that ten kennels in total had come under scrutiny, writes Jonathan Kay.

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