respiratory infection

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Noun1.respiratory infection - any infection of the respiratory tract
infection - the pathological state resulting from the invasion of the body by pathogenic microorganisms
lower respiratory infection - infection of the lower respiratory tract
upper respiratory infection - infection of the upper respiratory tract
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Pediatric recurrent respiratory infection is a respiratory infection disease with frequent episode in the upper and lower respiratory tracts of children.
Currently, diagnosing a bacterial lower respiratory infection can be difficult and relies on growing bacteria from patient samples over a two-to-three-day period.
'So if we see the pattern of this infection, it focuses more on respiratory infection, and if we look at it, it spreads fast.
Objective: To determine the epidemiological profile of children with acute respiratory infections from 1 month to 1 year of age attending the pediatric out patient department (OPD) of secondary care hospital in TMK, Sindh and determine the frequency of treatment methods used by mothers when encountered with acute respiratory infection in children.
At least 70 per cent of the population gets one or more respiratory infection in any given year.
"Daily or weekly vitamin D supplements will mean 3.25 million fewer people would get at least one acute respiratory infection a year," says Adrian Martineau, at Queen Mary, University of London, who led the study.
Preliminary investigations of the incident have revealed that there were few deaths among infants of less than one year due to acute respiratory infection during that period, he said.
"This patent is the first of its kind for use of a polyclonal immunoglobulin preparation for treatment of respiratory infection and, in conjunction with three previously issued patents to ADMA, further protects our proprietary immune globulin technology for the prevention and treatment of infection," commented Adam Grossman, president and CEO of ADMA.
The data showed that having a confirmed respiratory infection made people six times more likely to have a heart attack or stroke for three days after infection.
The healthcare organizations in all regions continue conducting events on flu and the acute respiratory infection preventing measures.
Poorly Carey cancels shows MARIAH Carey has said it is "bleak" that she has been forced to cancel the first shows of her Christmas tour because of a respiratory infection.

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