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An instrument for measuring the degree and nature of respiration.

res′pi·ro·met′ric (-rō-mĕt′rĭk) adj.
res′pi·rom′e·try n.
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a device which measures the respiration rate of living organisms by monitoring oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production
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(ˌrɛs pəˈrɒm ɪ tər)

an instrument for measuring oxygen consumption or carbon dioxide production.
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The animals were individually incubated three times for 2 h (from 09:00 to 15:00 h) in sealed respirometer chambers of 0.28 L for snails between 9 and 25 mm, 0.82 mL for those between 26 and 60 mm, and 3.1 L for snails among 60 and 69 mm.
Then they took the bags with their tiny quarry into a small, white windowless trailer stuffed with an animal MRI and a respirometer with a tangle of dozens of clear plastic tubes, to weigh and measure the bats in several different ways.
Metabolic rates were measured by using an AD ML870 open respirometer (AD Instruments, Australia) at 25AdegC within the TNZ (thermal neutral zone) on day 0, 14 and 28, gas analysis were using a ML206 gas analysis instrument, the temperature was controlled by SPX-300 artificial climatic engine (+-0.5AdegC), the metabolic chamber volume is 500ml, flow is 200 ml/min.
The 34 compounds were also analyzed for their effects on oxygen consumption rate using a Seahorse XF24 respirometer (Table 3; see also Figure S2).
Respiratory rate and minute volume were measured with a Wright/Haloscale Respirometer. Spirometric measurements were realized with a Jager Masterscreen Pneumo spirometer.
BOD was determined by respirometer method by using BOD Trak II[TM] instrument (HACH Company, Loveland, CO, USA) [13].
VC was measured using a Wright respirometer. Oxygen saturation was measured using a portable pulse oximeter.
Mitochondrial respiration of isolated hAMSCs was measured with high-resolution respirometer (Oxygraph-2k, Oroboros Instruments, Austria).
Some of them use auxiliary physiological measurements such as the pulse oximeter, electrocardiogram (ECG), chest band respirometer, spirometer, and capnograph [18].
Rates of [O.sub.2] consumption were assayed at 25[degrees]C using Oxygraph-2k high-resolution respirometer (Oroboros Instruments, Innsbruck, Austria) loaded with preequilibrated respiration buffer medium B [26].
This part describes the validation and application of a simple respirometer system designed to assess mineralization of the stabilizers: ESO and ESBO under defined conditions.