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An instrument for measuring the degree and nature of respiration.

res′pi·ro·met′ric (-rō-mĕt′rĭk) adj.
res′pi·rom′e·try n.


a device which measures the respiration rate of living organisms by monitoring oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production


(ˌrɛs pəˈrɒm ɪ tər)

an instrument for measuring oxygen consumption or carbon dioxide production.
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The installation consists of a 1 000 m 2 large conservatory containing 16 large ponds and 4, 5 m long rivers (raceways) with variable flow velocity and which can be equipped with respirometers and an aquaculture installation.
Ho K-LG, Pometto AL 111 (1999) Temperature effects on soil mineralization of polylactic acid plastic in laboratory respirometers. Journal of Environmental Polymer Degradation 7, 101 108.
The metabolic performance of fish was observed by using four 2.5-L respirometers, sealed with lids and composed of PET containers, as proposed by Barbieri et al.
Soil microbial respiration rates (basal respiration) were measured using manometric respirometers (Oxitop[R], WTW), which allow determination of sample oxygen consumption.
Currently, the most accurate methods for measuring energy expenditure are based on calorimeters and respirometers, but they are quite expensive and are not suitable for portable devices.
After measurements of calcification (at~1500 h), corals were transferred to respirometers (0.24 1) filled with filtered seawater (50 [micro]m) representing the same conditions as the in situ treatments, and kept in darkness for about 30 min to reduce the effects of light on respiration (Edmunds and Davies, 1988).
A set of three control respirometers containing only the soil mixture was also tested.
Quality analysis were done each 15 days in 12 fruits per treatment and repetition, weight was determine with an electronic balance (Metter PC 2000, 0.01 g precision), hardness by a texture analyzer LFRA (CT V1.2 Build 9 from Bookfield), 0.02% precision, average test speed 5mm/s and penetration tip of 3mm diameter; titratable acidity (AT), expressed as percentage of malic acid ([C.sub.4][H.sub.6][O.sub.5]); respiratory rate (IR)using respirometers (Cooper method), according to the methodology described by Parra-Coronado et al.
The students learn to construct their own respirometers by filling a small tube with water and inverting it within a large tube.
Indeed, while vital sign monitoring systems have been traditionally associated with hospital settings and viewed as complex multimodal instruments to assist clinicians, there has been a transition to such wearable diagnostic systems as heart rate monitors and respirometers, which are increasingly being used for sports and at home, according to a new Frost & Sullivan report.
Oxygen consumption was measured at +5[degrees]C in closed 150-200 mL respirometers, containing 1-6 mussels.
DO meters can also be used to calculate chemical oxygen demand (COD) and biological oxygen demand (BOD), although titrators and respirometers are also often used for these applications.