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An instrument for measuring the degree and nature of respiration.

res′pi·ro·met′ric (-rō-mĕt′rĭk) adj.
res′pi·rom′e·try n.
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of or relating to respirometers or respirometry
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Mainly respirometric tests are used where the toxic substance inhibits the metabolism of bacteria and the oxygen demand decreases.
(2014); after that time, they were immediately introduced in a hermetic respirometric chamber and submerged in a freshwater bath, having the temperature controlled at the same AT as in the last environment they were at.
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(2015a) Respirometric Profiling of Muscle Mitochondria and Blood Cells Are Associated With Differences in Gait Speed Among Community-Dwelling Older Adults.
In order to obtain the growth kinetics of microalgae for each specie, indirect growth by technical respirometric techniques was employed through the measurement of C[O.sub.2] produced by using an OXITOP Box WTW system.
At the end of the respirometric process, the recoveries are low (2-27%), especially in the lowest application dose.
Modelling phenol biodegradation by activated sludges evaluated through respirometric techniques.
where [C.sub.t] is the change in the oxygen content in the respirometric chambers before and after the test, [C.sub.0] the change of the oxygen content in the blank (control), F the volume of the chamber, W the weight of sea urchins in kilogram wet biomass, and T the time duration in hours.
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The results show that, in soils containing ESO and ESBO, the respirometric activity pass by three phases.