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An instrument for measuring the degree and nature of respiration.

res′pi·ro·met′ric (-rō-mĕt′rĭk) adj.
res′pi·rom′e·try n.
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any of a number of techniques which are used to measure the metabolic rate of living organisms, usually by monitoring the heat generated by their production of carbon dioxide and nitrogen waste
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The respirometry and N-N[H.sup.+.sub.4] and [Cl.sup.-] content of the soil was measured at 4 and 130 days after incubation (dai) and mineralization/immobilization was estimated at 4, 45, and 130 dai.
Aerobic scope measurements of fishes in an era of climate change: respirometry, relevance and recommendations.
"We can get respirometry from a single fruit fly," said Fuller proudly as he stood before the stack of equipment that makes up the respirometer.
Connelly will be using the scholarship funds to purchase equipment for coral flow respirometry measurements during antibiotic and heat stress experiments and also to present his research at the 3rd Global Invertebrate Genomics Alliance (GIGA III) meeting in Curaao this October.
(2012) High-resolution respirometry: OXPHOS protocols for human cells and permeabilized fibers from small biopsies of human muscle.
Recoveries of OTC (Table 1) ranging between 58 and 81% at the beginning of the experiment (0 day) can be seen in soils submitted to the respirometry tests.
The Newhouse company, which has eight employees and designs and manufactures respirometry equipment, received two business loans to provide working capital for research and product development and help it to achieve growth.
Metabolic rates were measured on at least 2 tadpoles from each tank (n = 14 to 18 tadpoles per treatment) by measuring changes in oxygen levels with closed system respirometry. Tadpoles were euthanized and preserved in 10% formalin, so that their brains and guts can be dissected and weighed.
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Although research regarding contactfree, radar-based respirometry and heart rate monitoring proved promising in the early 2000s, most studies at this time were laboratory investigations [4-6], and clinical studies did not begin until the first decade of the twenty-first century [7, 8].