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An instrument for measuring the degree and nature of respiration.

res′pi·ro·met′ric (-rō-mĕt′rĭk) adj.
res′pi·rom′e·try n.


any of a number of techniques which are used to measure the metabolic rate of living organisms, usually by monitoring the heat generated by their production of carbon dioxide and nitrogen waste
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The Mito Stress Test (ACU Format) is designed to measure oxygen consumption rate (OCR) and extracellular acidification (ECA) simultaneously and in real time under tightly controlled atmospheric conditions using open-flow respirometry.
Tenders are invited for Mobile Respirometry Unit and Indirect Calorimetry Metabolic Cart
Specimens were examined for metabolic rate via closed-chamber respirometry, followed by removal and examination of the shell under confocal microscopy.
Respirometry and single-enzyme analyses were conducted in muscle biopsies to confirm mitochondrial disease in these patients.
Here, we use combined high resolution respirometry and fluorometry to simultaneously monitor oxygen consumption and [H.
Oxygen consumption was measured via intermittent respirometry, according to the method of Vismann and Hagerman (1996), using a computer controlled setup that recorded oxygen partial pressure and temperature (sampling rate, 10 sec).
Capes, FAPESP, CNPq for financial support and Kleber Vaccioli for performing the respirometry experiments.
For breath collection, we placed a conic respirometry mask over the muzzle of cheetahs.