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Splendid or dazzling in appearance; brilliant.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin resplendēns, resplendent-, present participle of resplendēre, to shine brightly : re-, re- + splendēre, to shine.]

re·splen′dence, re·splen′den·cy n.
re·splen′dent·ly adv.
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Noun1.resplendence - brilliant radiant beauty; "the glory of the sunrise"
beauty - the qualities that give pleasure to the senses
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[rɪsˈplendəns] Nresplandor m, refulgencia f
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n (of person)Glanz m, → Strahlen nt; (of clothes)Pracht f
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(rəˈsplendənt) adjective
very bright or splendid in appearance.
reˈsplendently adverb
reˈsplendence noun
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References in classic literature ?
Son, thou in whom my glory I behold In full resplendence, Heir of all my might, Neerly it now concernes us to be sure Of our Omnipotence, and with what Arms We mean to hold what anciently we claim Of Deitie or Empire, such a foe Is rising, who intends to erect his Throne Equal to ours, throughout the spacious North; Nor so content, hath in his thought to trie In battel, what our Power is, or our right.
"A Patan Patola may tear over time, but it will never lose its colour," he says showing a 200-year old saree which has retained its pristine resplendence.
Anyone who didn't see the resplendence of this sartorial masterpiece obviously had unclean hands.
What the family-friendly 'The Nutcracker and the Four Realms' lacks in kinetic action sequences, it more than makes up for in visual resplendence. The film, codirected by Lasse Hallstrom ('Chocolat') and Joe Johnston ('Jumanji'), also has its heartwarming moments, integral to a story that's essentially about the loss of a family member, and timely topics including changing customs and girl power.
The co-founder of Future Foreign Policy, the first international affairs think tank, Young revealed rejuvenating ideas in economics, urging the world to open its doors to innovation leading to new heights of financial and economic resplendence. Maheswaram, presented a succinct talk on the urgency to revive the human spirit and revitalise kindness, understanding and philanthropy.
"MTAI envisions itself as an Asian center stage for diverse beauties from around the world where they will get to showcase the resplendence of their nation's citizens, culture, crafts, and cuisine," says Abarquez.
With rates starting from AED165*, resplendence sits right in every well-appointed spacious rooms and suites, featuring best in class facilities including lounging and relaxation areas, and a commanding view of the Corniche which exudes the vibrant Arabian Gulf.
A few miles from the resplendence of Kenya's Parliament House where the finance minister delivered his budget on Thursday, Deborah Mwandagina, deputy principal of a primary school in Nairobi's Mukuru slum, is unimpressed.
Chrome outlining around the glasshouse, wheelbase and door handles highlights the car's accents, and the 18-inch five-twin-spoke high sheen alloy wheels have the staid resplendence that the rest of the car characteristically flaunts.
Amid the resplendence displayed by the City Palace of Udaipur, Maharana Mewar Foundation 36th Annual Awards (MMFAA) was received by Professor John Stratton Hawley, USA, who is Claire Tow Professor of Religion at Barnard College, Columbia University; Suhasini Haidar the Diplomatic Editor of The Hindu; Dr.
From the resplendence of Bruckner, through the acerbity of Bartok, and on into the sassy quippiness of Bernstein, this mid-January journey through the Bs revealed just how chameleon-like the CBSO can be in changing its colours.
Celebrating the pride of the nation and the spirit of positivity that marks Dubai, #MyDubaiNewYear at Downtown Dubai also marks the coming together of several government and private sector entities joining hands with Emaar to deliver an evening of resplendence. Dubai Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing, Roads & Transport Authority, Dubai Police, Dubai Civil Defence and Dubai Health Authority, among other governmental entities, are supporting the event to offer a seamless experience for visitors.