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1. To speak or act in response, as to a question:
2. To act in return to something, as a stimulus:
3. To present with a specified reaction:
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The cousin had been sent ahead to give notice of their approach; a herald appeared as before, bearing a powder-horn, to enable them to respond to the intended salute.
At 3:20 p.m., an officer respond to Maple Street regarding vandalism to a motor vehicle; vehicle mirror reported broken.
The Respond Loyalty suite is comprised of Respond CenterPoint, a feedback management platform with multichannel data capture, processing and reporting engine; Respond eFeedback, a Web site component to capture, manage and respond to customer feedback; Respond Agent, a compact customer service center application for the capture of customer feedback; Respond TouchPoint, a Web-based feedback management tool that extends the capture and processing of custom er feedback to key contact points throughout the enterprise; and Respond Surveyor, a customer survey tool to quickly gather and analyze survey data over the Web.
An officer's approach may cause people with this condition to flee, sometimes failing to respond to an order to stop.
"Dancers respond to music, dancers respond to space, dancers respond to their emotions, dancers respond to their environment.