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1. One who responds.
2. Law The defending party in certain legal proceedings, as in a case brought by petition.
1. Giving or given as an answer; responsive.
2. Law Of or being a respondent in a proceeding.

re·spon′dence, re·spon′den·cy n.
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Actually, it was maximized during the respondence sa bumagsak na helicopter na may sakay sa President and CEO ng Laus Group of Companies and we are the first to respond sa Chuzon Supermarket," Mungcal said.
The Court of Appeal is to decide the fate of the petitions and respondence filed by the trio of Sen Andy Uba of the All Progressives Congress (APC), his younger brother Chris Uba of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Dr Ifeanyi Ubah the winner of the February 23 Presidential and National Assembly Election for Anambra South Senatorial District.
In addition, the report highlights the key findings of UBF's annual Trust Index survey released which showed that trust levels remained high with 68% of respondence stated their trust in the UAE banking sector, and 93% of UAE retail banking customers indicated that they are satisfied with their banks.
(g) Decryption [O.sub.dec] ([id.sub.i], [??]): On input an identifier [id.sub.i], and a ciphertext [??] under it, the challenger's respondence is discussed in the following two cases: