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a. Liable to be required to give account, as of one's actions or of the discharge of a duty or trust: Who is responsible while their parents are away?
b. Required to render account; answerable: The cabinet is responsible to the parliament.
2. Involving important duties, the supervision of others, or the ability to make decisions with little supervision: a responsible position within the firm.
3. Being a source or cause: Viruses are responsible for many diseases.
a. Able to make moral or rational decisions on one's own and therefore answerable for one's behavior: At what age does a person become responsible?
b. Able to be trusted or depended upon; trustworthy or reliable: a responsible art dealer.
5. Based on or characterized by good judgment or sound thinking: responsible journalism.

[Obsolete French, corresponding to, from Latin respōnsus, past participle of respondēre, to respond; see respond.]

re·spon′si·ble·ness n.
re·spon′si·bly adv.
Synonyms: responsible, answerable, liable, accountable, amenable
These adjectives share the meaning obliged to answer, as for one's actions, to an authority that may impose a penalty for failure. Responsible often implies the satisfactory performance of duties or the trustworthy care for or disposition of possessions: "I am responsible for the ship's safety" (Robert Louis Stevenson).
Answerable suggests a moral or legal responsibility subject to review by a higher authority: The court held the parents answerable for their minor child's acts of vandalism. Liable refers to a legal obligation, as to pay damages: The builder is liable for the cost of delays. Accountable especially emphasizes giving an account of one's discharge of a responsibility: "The liberal philosophy holds that enduring governments must be accountable to someone beside themselves" (Walter Lippmann).
Amenable implies being subject to the control of an authority and therefore the absence of complete autonomy: "There is no constitutional tribunal to which [the king] is amenable" (Alexander Hamilton). See Also Synonyms at reliable.
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Adv.1.responsibly - in a responsible manner; "we must act responsibly"
irresponsibly - in an irresponsible manner; "he acted irresponsibly"
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بصورةٍ مَسْؤولَه
alvarlega; meî ábyrgî


[rɪsˈpɒnsəblɪ] ADVde forma responsable, responsablemente, con responsabilidad
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[rɪˈspɒnsəbli] advde manière responsable
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adv act, behaveverantwortungsbewusst; carry out one’s dutieszuverlässig
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[rɪˈspɒnsəblɪ] advresponsabilmente
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(rəˈspond) verb
(with to).
1. to answer with words, a reaction, gesture etc. He didn't respond to my question; I smiled at her, but she didn't respond.
2. to show a good reaction eg to some course of treatment. His illness did not respond to treatment by drugs.
3. (of vehicles etc) to be guided easily by controls. The pilot said the plane did not respond to the controls.
reˈsponse (-s) noun
1. a reply or reaction. Our letters have never met with any response; My suggestions met with little response.
2. (usually in plural) in church services, a part spoken by the congregation rather than the priest.
reˌsponsiˈbility (-sə-) plural reˌsponsiˈbilities noun
1. something which a person has to look after, do etc. He takes his responsibilities very seriously.
2. the state of having important duties. a position of responsibility.
3. the state of being responsible. his responsibility for the accident.
reˈsponsible (-səbl) adjective
1. having a duty to see that something is done etc. We'll make one person responsible for buying the food for the trip.
2. (of a job etc) having many duties eg the making of important decisions. The job of manager is a very responsible post.
3. (with for) being the cause of something. Who is responsible for the stain on the carpet?
4. (of a person) able to be trusted; sensible. We need a responsible person for this job.
5. (with for) able to control, and fully aware of (one's actions). The lawyer said that at the time of the murder, his client was not responsible for his actions.
reˈsponsibly (-sə-) adverb
in a trustworthy or serious way. Do try to behave responsibly.
reˈsponsive (-siv) adjective
(negative unresponsive). a responsive, kindly girl; a responsive smile; The disease is responsive to treatment.
reˈsponsively adverb
reˈsponsiveness noun
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For all that, if ye have any affection for my neck (to say nothing of your own) ye will perhaps be kind enough to take this matter responsibly. I am going to do a bit of play-acting, the bottom ground of which is just exactly as serious as the gallows for the pair of us.
Deputy Commissioner of prisons, corporate services, Ms Keneilwe Bogosing, has encouraged senior warders to act responsibly when executing their mandate.
ENPNewswire-August 27, 2019--Tesco: Recycling unwanted clothes responsibly
Now officers have called for those coming to Ormeau Park in the south of the city to "enjoy the concert responsibly".
KARACHI -- Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP) Thursday advised the business community to react responsibly and abstain from issuing statements criticizing the federal budget or the government as it creates unnecessary uncertainty in the market.
OFFICERS are appealing for people to "act responsibly" this weekend after antisocial behaviour and violent incidents linked to alcohol consumption.
In a tweet he said discretionary powers rest with the Prime Minister Imran Khan to make any change in the cabinet, and the media should act responsibly on the matter.
Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo has asked President Rodrigo Duterte to prove his sincerity by engaging with critics 'decently and responsibly.'
Los Angeles, CA, February 15, 2019 --( SAFE App, which lets people privately show their verified STD status on their phone, is announcing the Date Responsibly initiative: a call to action promoting sexual health and accountability, with the goal of ending the spread of STDs and sexual assault in our lifetime.
It revealed that while most people behaved responsibly on Monday night, one man was arrested - and didn't take too kindly to it.
The programme is part of DEWA's ongoing efforts to encourage customers to use electricity and water responsibly. It helps customers make informed decisions based on current data, enabling them to compare their monthly electricity and water consumption with other similar and efficient homes.

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