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n, pl -sa (-sə)
(Judaism) Judaism a written answer from a rabbinic authority to a question submitted
[Latin, literally: reply, response]
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(rɪˈspɒn səm)

n., pl. -sa (-sə).
the written reply of a noted rabbi or Jewish scholar to a question concerning Jewish law.
[1895–1900; < New Latin, Latin respōnsum a reply; see response]
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The Responsum also confirms the church's position that a hysterectomy is illicit if its purpose is to prevent a pregnancy that would put a woman's health at risk.
However, Horowitz had his prooftexts, as did others: first, a responsum of the medieval halakhic authority Rabbi Solomon ben Abraham ibn Adret (Rashba, 123 5-1310) who insisted that the Torah recognizes the performers of mitzvot, and so should later Jewish generations; and second, in the interpretation of a Talmudic story from tractate Bava Bathra.
De hac re iam ad legatum Gallicum scripsi, sed nondum responsum accepi.
Iurisprudentia duo itinera complementaria ad certitudinem moralem detegendam quoad canonem 1095 indicat: a) scientiae psychiatricae responsum concretum diagnosticans anomaliam passam atque eiusdem incidendam in incapacitatem; b) subiecti examen iudiciale, ut invenitur in processu per summam probationum, inditiorum, symtomatum, presumptionum ...
The great Israeli posek (adjudicator) Rabbi Eliezer Waldenberg, in his responsum Tsits Eliezer, part 19, siman 40, ruled both on a case of ovarian transplant and an egg transplant.
A typical example is found in a responsum of one of the important decisors (see R David Ben Zimra, Responsa Radbaz, 2:728).
In 1995, he issued a short letter, Responsum ad dubium, affirming that John Paul's decree required "definitive assent."
Nos negotiorum gestorum actio; si vero quasi mandato servi, etiam de peculio et de in rem verso agere te posse responsum est.
Thus, the classic literary genre created by rabbis was the responsum, a written answer to a legal question; these were collected and studied in other communities and subsequent generations as the basis for new answers to new questions.