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 (rĕs′tər-ə-tûr′) also res·tau·ran·teur (-tə-rän-tûr′)
The manager or owner of a restaurant.

[French, from restaurer, to restore; see restaurant.]


(ˌrɛstərəˈtɜː) or


(Professions) a person who owns or runs a restaurant
[C18: via French from Late Latin restaurātor one who restores, from Latin restaurāre to restore]
Usage: Although the spelling restauranteur occurs frequently, it is a misspelling and should be avoided


(ˌrɛs tər əˈtɜr)

the owner or manager of a restaurant.
[1790–1800; < French; Middle French: restorer < Late Latin restaurātor= Latin restaurā(re) to restore + -tor -tor]
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Noun1.restaurateur - the proprietor of a restaurant
owner, proprietor - (law) someone who owns (is legal possessor of) a business; "he is the owner of a chain of restaurants"


[ˌrestərəˈtɜːʳ] Ndueño/a m/f de un restaurante, restaurador(a) m/f


[ˌrɛstərəˈtɜːr] nrestaurateur/trice m/frest cure ncure f de reposrest day njour m de repos


nGastwirt m, → Gastronom m
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THAT Pierre Bon-Bon was a restaurateur of uncommon qualifications, no man who, during the reign of , frequented the little Câfé in the cul-de-sac Le Febvre at Rouen, will, I imagine, feel himself at liberty to dispute.
I have spoken of the philosopher in his capacity of restaurateur.
Yet in the indulgence of a propensity so truly classical, it is not to be supposed that the restaurateur would lose sight of that intuitive discrimination which was wont to characterize, at one and the same time, his essais and his omelettes.
A distinguished exterior will, I am constrained to say, have its way even with a beast; and I am willing to allow much in the outward man of the restaurateur calculated to impress the imagination of the quadruped.
But plans even the most skilfully matured are often thwarted in the outset of their application - and the restaurateur found himself nonplussed by the very first words of his visiter's speech.
asked the restaurateur, as he finished his second bottle of Mousseux, and drew from the closet a larger supply of Chambertin.
repeated the restaurateur, dogmatically; "that's a - hiccup
becomes the first restaurateur to be felicitated with the 'GQ Men of the Year 2017'.
Co-curated by Chef Keller and Related Urban President and CEO and restaurateur Kenneth A.
La brigade de recherches et d'enquetes de la Garde nationale de Beja ont arrete 5 extremistes religieux pour avoir menace un restaurateur de decapitation s'il ne cessait pas d'ecouter des chansons et de la musique dans son etablissement au motif qu'il s'agit de blaspheme.
In September 2014, P&M Kouzzina's owner, George Moutsatsos, was visiting a fellow restaurateur when they decided to do something about a common problem they'd been facing: "getting lost in the limelight of the big places.
Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to be a restaurateur in the heart of winter park for the lowest rent in the area.