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a. Uneasily impatient or hard to control under restriction, opposition, criticism, or delay: Passengers on board the delayed airliner began to grow restive.
b. Characterized by impatience or an absence of calm; unsettled: had a restive feeling that something wasn't quite right.
2. Refusing to move. Used of a horse or other animal.

[Middle English restif, stationary, from Old French, from rester, to remain, from Latin restāre, to keep back : re-, re- + stāre, to stand; see stā- in Indo-European roots.]

res′tive·ly adv.
res′tive·ness n.
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Adv.1.restively - in a restive manner; "he sat down again, restively"
بِتَمَلْمُل، بِعَدَم إرْتِياح


(ˈrestiv) adjective
beginning to show displeasure, impatience, boredom etc eg at delay, discipline etc; restless.
ˈrestively adverb
ˈrestiveness noun
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Arriving at a final declaration of the slogan "I AM" restively preserves in the background a struggle of extra-human proportions.
Tenders are invited for Collection and transportation of clean sand from damodar river bed to sirka ug sand bunker/stock yard including loading and unloading by contractors tipping trucks, for a distance of 2-3 km ( kawa ghat), 5-6 km (bundu ghat) and re-handling in 0-1 km restively.
Whereas her work of 1952 to 1954 simultaneously courted environmental immersion and metonymic literalism--see, for instance, Open Wall, 1953, a precarious tympanum of aquamarines and caramels, which flickers restively between raw materiality and spatial extension--Frankenthaler's canvases of 1956 to 1959, such as Western Dream, 1957, and Before the Caves, 1958, developed her signature stain technique in large-scale compositions, allowing brush marks and pooled paint to congeal into recognizable symbols.
He implicitly questions whether staring at a screen for hours, glassy eyed and immobile, or restively moving in and out of different activities are the only possible responses to the endlessly unfolding sea of digital information.
Successful consumption of porn in an increasingly stagnant market, defined by a demand for high volume of content throughput, depends upon restively browsing through a lot of material, with hands occupied not only in stroking the body, but the mouse or trackpad, opening and scrubbing through files to patch together a bricolage of potentially quality pornographic moments.
CXL is a restively recent treatment that stiffens the cornea and halts progression of the disease.