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Who are some of the celebs who frequent your resto, Cafe Ysabel, and what are their fave dishes?
(My fave resto in Subic has been sold and this sign is up) I really want to know if business owners are allowed to do this.
O desperdicio pode se tratar dos alimentos que sobram nas panelas sem terem sido servidos, como aqueles que sobram nos pratos dos clientes, o resto. Controlar os restos e uma tarefa bastante dificil devido a relacao do cliente com o alimento sendo ambos fatores variaveis.
Summary: Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Jan 11 (ANI): Mumbai police arrested the owner of '1 Above' resto bar, Abhijeet Mankar on Thursday, in connection with the massive fire in Mumbai's Kamala Mills that claimed the lives of 14 people last month.
29), el mismo resto desencajado, o contraclimatico.
Leib Resto & Aed literally translates to Black Bread Restaurant & Garden.
El resto de los fragmentos de marlos indicaria la existencia de variacion en el maiz (Camara Hernandez, en Fernandez Distel 1981:228).
Abstract: Against the dogmatic power of the written word, and the precepts of Universal History, Enzo Striano's Il resto di niente engages in a reading of the Partenopean Republic (1799) through a destabilizing variety of languages and ideological perspectives, filtered through the changing points of view and experiences of the novel's protagonist, Lenor Fonseca Pimentel.
Del complejo original persisten piedras con grabados, reutilizadas en construcciones modernas, y los restos de tres aras de sacrificio de proporciones superiores a lo habitual en el resto de la isla.
One of Larnaca's prime destinations, Lush Beach Bar Resto, is once again the talk of the town, having just given wine lovers yet another reason to drink and dine at the hip venue, with the introduction of its new wine cellar featuring some of the world's finest bottles.