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1. Of or relating to restoration.
2. Tending or having the power to restore: a restorative tonic.
1. Something that restores.
2. A medicine or other agent that helps to restore health, strength, or consciousness.

re·stor′a·tive·ly adv.


in a restorative manner
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The vessel had in fact astonishingly been used as the photographer's portable darkroom; I was essentially restoratively continuing this vision.
Severely curved canals cannot be an indication for the extraction of a restoratively important third molar.
In Brazil, cashew nut oil was used to treat leprosy, while in India the cashew was used restoratively, as an appetizer, hair tonic, and aphrodisiac.
Macfarlane (Eds.), Responsive pedagogy: Engaging restoratively with challenging behaviour.
He describes the concept of the social control window to conceptualize the role of adults in working with young people; the principles of working restoratively, including accountability, in addition to its emotional elements, such as affect and shame; the application of these principles to different ages and situations, with a focus on conferences ranging from the individual to the group to the community; and the role of follow-up, accountability, and relationship management in managing a restorative program.