restriction endonuclease

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Noun1.restriction endonuclease - any of the enzymes that cut nucleic acid at specific restriction sites and produce restriction fragments; obtained from bacteria (where they cripple viral invaders); used in recombinant DNA technology
endonuclease - a nuclease that cleaves nucleic acids at interior bonds and so produces fragments of various sizes
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Restriction analysis was also done using appropriate restriction endonuclease enzymes.
Nonetheless, comparison of restriction endonuclease profiles revealed that the AgMNPV isolates present in the Huastecas region clearly were related to the reference variant from Brazil (Johnson & Maruniak 1989).
Restriction endonuclease analysis of BHV-1 and BHV-5 strains isolated in Argentina.
Aliquots of plasmid DNA from several transformants were then digested with the restriction endonuclease to confirm the insertion of the lux operon into pHD-01 plasmid.
Plasmid DNA was extracted & positive clones were identified by Colony PCR and restriction endonuclease analysis.
Of the 342 patients (84.2%) with isolates available for restriction endonuclease analysis typing, 133 (38.9%) were infected with the BI strain (Tables 1 and 2).
Amplicon size, restriction endonuclease and fragment lengths Site Amplicon Restriction Fragment lengths (bp) size endonuclease V249I 311 ACLI 107-204 V/V 107-204-311 V/I 311I/I T280M 311 BSMBI 75-118T/T 75-118-193 T/M 118-193 M/M TABLE 2.
To check the methylation status of the genome, a methylation-sensitive restriction endonuclease PCR (MS-RE PCR) was performed for 9 out of the 54 genes.
Spibey, "Isolation of canine adenovirus-2 from the faeces of dogs with enteric disease and its unambiguous typing by restriction endonuclease mapping," Research in Veterinary Science, vol.
Restriction endonuclease digestion analysis has been used to determine MRSA isolates.
In this study, the molecular cytogenetic characterization of mitotic chromosomes of the Provence flat oyster or dwarf oyster, Ostrea stentina, was performed through Giemsa staining, chromosome measurements, in situ restriction endonuclease banding, C-banding, fluorescence in situ hybridization with major ribosomal RNA genes (ITS1), and telomeric sequence [(TTAGGG).sub.n].
Transfusion transmission of cytomegalovirus confirmed by restriction endonuclease analysis.

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