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a. Of or relating to restriction.
b. Tending or serving to restrict; limiting.
2. Grammar Of, relating to, or being a subordinate clause or phrase that identifies the noun, phrase, or clause it modifies and limits or restricts its meaning, as the clause who live in glass houses in People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

re·stric′tive·ly adv.
re·stric′tive·ness n.
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Adv.1.restrictively - in a restrictive manner; "this relative clause is used restrictively"
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If they are limitations to a grant of power, the more that they should be construed narrowly or restrictively,' the petitioners explained.
O'Donnell's team and other factors, such as the low risk of abuse tied to the use of psilocybin, are leading some researchers to suggest that the drug should be reclassified to "no more restrictively than schedule IV" (Neuropsychopharm.
Rural America is only doomed to decline if you define it so restrictively that it's not allowed to grow.
The local MSP and patient groups say the new scheme, where the health board decides instead of GPs, is being enforced restrictively and causing too much upset.
Banks that want to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies no longer have to develop solutions in-house, a process that is both cost-prohibitive and restrictively slow, but can use other companies' know-how to benefit more quickly from innovation, while deepening their customer relationships.
I love it because my brain works better, and I don't want to think about eating restrictively.
The ILO voting record reveals that the delegates from the most restrictively regulated countries are the staunchest supporters of ILO conventions.
According to the statement, the cost of a Lebanese license plate for a truck is restrictively high, at more than LL800,000 ($530).
The Indian advocate while presenting the case in the world court argued that Pakistan has been restrictively interpreting the Vienna Convention.
The same rule applies to students, the ones at school more restrictively than those in universities.
Agreements to permit families crossing over and for cross 'line of control' trade, are in place but restrictively applied and need to be liberalised.