result in

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To occur as a consequence:
phrasal verb
result innoun
2. Mathematics. Something worked out to explain, resolve, or provide a method for dealing with and settling a problem:

w>result in

vi +prep objführen zu; this resulted in his being latedas führte dazu, dass er zu spät kam
References in classic literature ?
At one time also he largely devoted his efforts to a partly successful attack on the wastefulness and corruption of the government; and his generous effort to secure just treatment of Ireland and the Catholics was pushed so far as to result in the loss of his seat as member of Parliament from Bristol.
I believe it would result in getting even the bells of the Philadelphia hotels answered, and cheerful service rendered.
Such ill-judged marriages are, as might be expected, barren, if they do not result in positive Irregularity or in diminution of sides; but none of these evils have hitherto proved sufficiently deterrent.
The adventure decided me never again to leave the limits of my prescribed stamping grounds until I was ready to venture forth for good and all, as it would certainly result in a curtailment of my liberties, as well as the probable death of Woola, were we to be discovered.
The propounder of the theory regretted that he might never enjoy the blessings of such a state, which, he argued, would result in the ideal life for mankind.
Strychnine is, in a certain sense, a cumulative poison, but it would be quite impossible for it to result in sudden death in this way.
Even if they did know this--even with medical men to help them--it would be in the last degree doubtful, in most cases, whether any previous examination would result in any reliable discovery of the vital fitness of the man to undergo the stress of muscular exertion laid on him.