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To occur as a consequence:
phrasal verb
result innoun
2. Mathematics. Something worked out to explain, resolve, or provide a method for dealing with and settling a problem:
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vi +prep objführen zu; this resulted in his being latedas führte dazu, dass er zu spät kam
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Given the important role of NF-B1 as the central hub of many biological processes, it is closely regulated by its endogenous inhibitors IBa under normal conditions.10 NF-B1 and IBa are encoded by the NFKB1 and NFKBIA genes respectively, and it has been shown that disrupted expressions of these genes can result in carcinogenesis.11-13
If you are not running transactions on blast with the SSA to update your box, then it will result in multiple versions of files.
However, in Twitter's case, the attack did result in user credentials being exposed.
Here, the petitioner sought a stay of arbitration within 20 days of being served with a demand for arbitration, and the proposed amendment did not result in any prejudice or surprise to the appellant (see CPLR 3025[b]; Matter of Allcity Ins.
She estimated the $7.35 million appropriated to this program in fiscal 2008 would result in $30 million in collections, compared with $146 million that could be collected through the IRS's Automated Collection System.