resulting trust

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Noun1.resulting trust - a trust created by a court when it is judged that it was the intention of the parties to create a trust
implied trust - a trust inferred by operation of law
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This argument is redolent (or perhaps a specific manifestation) of the question whether an equitable interest under a resulting trust is a newly created interest, which carries beneficial ownership 'back' to the transferor, or the residue of the transferor's beneficial interest once legal title has been transferred away.
joint beneficial interest in that home under a resulting trust.
For example, the question of whether a resulting trust arises in circumstances where legal title has been transferred but the transferor did not intend to pass on the whole beneficial interest, has long been determined by the rules governing the passing of title, which are located within the law of property.
In the Kerr case, the Supreme Court did away with this type of "common intention" resulting trust.
Each such resulting trust receives an inclusion ratio of zero.
A CRT that divides in half must split each stock 50/50 so that each new trust gets half of each stock and maintains the same cost basis in each resulting trust.
Usually, the proceeds held in such a resulting trust are eventually paid to or for the benefit of the would-be grantor's estate.
Equally important, SDDC now has a direct face to the customer--the resulting trust and confidence is evident.
Combined with Nations, which has an even larger trust operation, the resulting trust merger will have about $220 billion in assets - easily within the top five in the nation.
Mark has the valuable leadership skills, knowledge of our business and culture, experience partnering successfully with the field on labor relations - and the resulting trust - to lead our people organization and help the company achieve its goals.