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 (rĭ-so͞o′pə-nāt′, -nĭt)
adj. Biology
Inverted or seemingly turned upside down, as the flowers of most orchids and the fruiting bodies of certain fungi.

[Latin resupīnātus, past participle of resupīnāre, to bend back : re-, re- + supīnus, supine; see supine.]

re·su′pi·na′tion n.
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In orchid plants that are artificially reversed after flower resupination, the flowers attain again the right position (Noll, 1888).
Endress, 1994; Kurzweil & Kocyan, 2002; Rudall & Bateman, 2002); if the frequent floral resupination is considered, orchid flowers are strictly speaking asymmetric (see below).
A variant of curvature is torsion, such as resupination in orchids (inferior ovary), torsion in Platystigma (superior ovary), mimosoids (superior ovary), Medicago (superior ovary), Helicteres (superior ovary), Cajophora (inferior ovary), Pedicularis (corolla) (Goebel, 1920).