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v. re·sur·faced, re·sur·fac·ing, re·sur·fac·es
To cover with a new surface: resurfacing a road; resurfaced the floor.
To come to the surface again; reappear: The rumor has resurfaced.

re·sur′fac·er n.


n (derm) rejuvenecimiento; laser — rejuvenecimiento (con) láser
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5 million pavement resurfacing contract at its meeting in October.
The first phase involves the resurfacing of the roundabout.
Having resurfacing in my practice has allowed me to treat not only wrinkles and etched lines, but also help skin cancer patients by blending and minimizing their skin cancer scars," said Dr.
com ALMOST a quarter of a million pounds is to be spent resurfacing a busy road in Huddersfield.
Knee resurfacing is a true alternative to traditional total knee replacement.
Highways England is resurfacing a 21/2-mile stretch of the A5036 Dunnings Bridge Road from its junction with the M57 and the M58 at Switch Island to the junction with Hawthorne Road.
com as an informational portal that features educational resources on subjects such as tennis court resurfacing, basketball court resurfacing and roller skating surfacing, and other helpful information to help businesses and home owners choose a court resurfacing professional in the Tampa and Bradenton areas.
The remaining resurfacing work will take place between January 8 and 18 to provide smoother surfaces for drivers.
I asked for Saltersgill Avenue to be on the list for resurfacing a long time ago and it was accepted.
Elemis' Brighten & Resurface Facial Collection is a five-piece resurfacing set that targets the appearance of uneven skin texture, helps tackle fine lines and wrinkles during the day and as you sleep and boosts skin radiance.
8M resurfacing programme will start in March to improve 50 of a county's roads.
You could opt for the tried-and-true total hip replacement (THR), but you've heard that hip resurfacing is a better option.