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v. re·sur·faced, re·sur·fac·ing, re·sur·fac·es
To cover with a new surface: resurfacing a road; resurfaced the floor.
To come to the surface again; reappear: The rumor has resurfaced.

re·sur′fac·er n.
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n (derm) rejuvenecimiento; laser — rejuvenecimiento (con) láser
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A LANE leading to a leading councillor's home was not listed as an area needing resurfacing by a parish council.
From its junction with Mitchell Street to its junction with Renfrew Street is closed until Friday for carriageway resurfacing; bus services may be affected.
Delays are expected with resurfacing work due to start on the M8 between the Black CartWater and the A8 overbridge.
REGARDING the comments by Councillor Dennis McCabe (Feedback, 24.11.18) re resurfacing of the highways within Middlesbrough.
Having then won the support of the Well Pharmacy Group, and an agreement by them to contribute to the cost, the council then agreed to a three-way split in the cost of resurfacing the road.
Resurfacing works by North Lanarkshire Council to fully repair a Craigneuk street have now been completed.
Resurfacing work is also taking place on the link road between the southbound M53 and eastbound M56 at the Stoak interchange, which started on Monday, May 21 for three weeks and is continuing this week.
Greenway Road, Tranmere, will see resurfacing work take place
But there are also tips and tricks to individualizing the technique for each patient that can lead to better outcomes and greater satisfaction--whether patients receive injections into the fine lines above the lip, full-field erbium laser resurfacing, neuromodulator treatment, or a combination approach, according to Joel L.
By Phil Booth News Reporter ALMOST a quarter of a million pounds is to be spent resurfacing a busy road in Huddersfield.
One of the newest and most exciting treatment technologies offered in orthopedics today is knee resurfacing. Knee resurfacing is a true alternative to traditional total knee replacement.