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tr.v. re·sus·ci·tat·ed, re·sus·ci·tat·ing, re·sus·ci·tates
1. To restore consciousness or other signs of life to (one who appears dead): resuscitated the man after cardiac arrest.
2. To restore to use, activity, vigor, or notice; reinvigorate: a meeting that resuscitated his career

[Latin resuscitāre, resuscitāt- : re-, re- + suscitāre, to stir up (sus-, sub-, sub- + citāre, to move violently, frequentative of ciēre, to set in motion; see keiə- in Indo-European roots).]

re·sus′ci·ta·ble (-tə-bəl) adj.
re·sus′ci·ta′tion n.
re·sus′ci·ta′tive adj.
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