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 (rē′tā′bəl, rĕt′ə-)
A structure forming the back of an altar, especially:
a. An overhanging shelf for lights and ornaments.
b. A frame enclosing painted panels.

[French, from Spanish retablo, from alteration of Catalan retaule, from earlier reataula, from Medieval Latin retrōtabulum : Latin retrō-, retro- + Latin tabula, tablet, board.]


(Ecclesiastical Terms) an ornamental screenlike structure above and behind an altar, esp one used as a setting for a religious picture or carving
[C19: from French, from Spanish retablo, from Latin retrō behind + tabula board; see rear1, table]


(rɪˈteɪ bəl, ˈriˌteɪ-)

a decorative structure raised above an altar at the back.
[1815–25; < French, = Old French re(re) at the back (< Latin retrō) + table table]
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When the vote was lost in Committee, I thought that was likely to be the final result - but together with some Italian colleagues, we persuaded others in my Group to allow us to retable the amendments to the full Parliament.
Skoltz emprunte par ailleurs le dispositif fragmentaire afin de structurer y2o, un peu a la facon d'un retable.
These range from a wooden Deposition figure of around 1180-1220, to a rare French altar or retable corpus dated c.
The book concludes with a thoughtful analysis of the Santo Domingo retable in Toledo's Church of Santo Domingo El Antiguo as the culmination of El Greco's formal integration of his Italian Renaissance experience into his then-emerging pictorial discourse in Spanish devotional paintings.
Est-il permis de comparer << Chambord et le maillot de Zidane, le retable d'Issenheim et une banderole de supporters ?
Cet ordre n'est pas different de celui qui lie entre elles les predelles, et les predelles du retable.
The main retable has 15 niches containing various Augustinian saints.
If there is no action, we will likely retable the bill.
The communist party said it expected the government to retable the three bills that had not passed parliamentary muster the last time round.
Par exemple, un tableau de retable ne se regarde pas de la meme maniere qu'une photo en format papier ou en format numerique sur un telephone intelligent.
Outre les oeuvres deja citees, La meuniere d'Arcos, Sept cris sur la roer, Les arbres meurent debout (qui fit l'objet d'un film en France), Ines de Portugal, Le troisieme mor, La cle dans le grenier, A nouveau le diable et les farces du Retable jovial, ont, a diferentes reprises, eu l'honneur de nos antennes et du petit ecran.
It can further be argued that seepage though canal system can be effective source of water replenishment of retable reserves but this system should not be applied in areas which have poor quality ground water otherwise this seepage will be a net loss of water.