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Noun1.retail merchant - a merchant who sells goods at retailretail merchant - a merchant who sells goods at retail
chandler - a retail dealer in provisions and supplies
distributer, distributor - someone who markets merchandise
licensee - someone to whom a license is granted
merchandiser, merchant - a businessperson engaged in retail trade
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The capital raised will fund Sezzle's continued focus on identifying and capturing future growth opportunities through the expansion of Sezzle's retail merchant base and product offering, including funding for product development and engineering, sales and marketing, data sciences, merchant and customer support, and general administration.
As a retail merchant, we shouldn't trade with distributors that support those online websites.
A highly accomplished retail merchant and former general merchandise manager, she was brought to JOANN Stores to reinvigorate the brand and bolster its market position through a consumer-centric approach that offers compelling assortments, helpful advice and memorable experiences to be digitally shared with others.
"We are delighted to create a strategic partnership with ebooc as it's one the first Emirati Fintech company using NexGen technology to offer and integrate innovative POS solutions exclusively across the retail merchant network in Dubai, UAE," said Ali Ibrahim, Managing Director of emcredit Limited.
"We're beyond pleased with the decision," said John Holub, president of the New Jersey Retail Merchant Association in Trenton.
The central issue is whether Illinois or Missouri tort law offers a remedy to card-holders' banks against a retail merchant who suffered a data breach, above and beyond the remedies provided by the network of contracts that link merchants, card-processors, banks, and card brands to enable electronic card payments.
The men who are in charge of that work are keenly alive to the needs of the retail merchant and are doing everything possible to assist them in solving our problems and becoming more efficient merchants."
Gareth Poppleton, Managing Director, Retail Merchant Services
In multi-channel merchandizing consumer interacts with retail merchant via separately handled routes, whereas in omnichannel merchandizing the routes are handled in a wholly unified manner to supply a coherent shopper experience.
She holds more than 25 years of senior retail merchant experience at Walmart stores across multiple beauty categories including fragrance and hair care, as well as finance.
The result is a new dependency on the retail merchant, a dependency that is creating more exciting, more productive and more performance-oriented retail stores.
This will enable it to both increase its revenues and broaden its credit card and retail merchant customer base.

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