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tr.v. re·tained, re·tain·ing, re·tains
a. To keep possession of; continue to have: The family sold the house but retained the land. See Synonyms at keep.
b. To keep in a particular place or condition: a library that retains the author's papers; plants that retain a lot of water.
c. To continue to have as a feature or aspect: retains his good humor after all the setbacks.
2. To keep in mind; remember: retains the songs she learned in childhood.
3. To require (a student) to repeat a class or grade because of insufficient educational progress to advance.
a. To keep in one's service or pay: retain employees on a workforce.
b. To hire (an attorney, for example) by the payment of a fee.
c. To hire someone for (his or her services).

[Middle English reteinen, from Old French retenir, from Latin retinēre : re-, re- + tenēre, to hold; see ten- in Indo-European roots.]

re·tain′a·bil′i·ty n.
re·tain′a·ble adj.
re·tain′ment n.
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As a result, Blease and Watson have been able to move quickly on recruitment and retainment - much of which has not yet been announced by the club.
In this regard, additional engineering studies are currently underway in respect of the following technical components of the project: Tailings storage facility redesign to lower the height of retainment dams; Waste rock storage redesign; Detailed water management/balance; Feasibility level study for on-site power generation, including solar energy and On-site explosive production.
This will sharpen their brain and help in retainment of the memory."
When you consider over the course of a lifetime we will spend around 3,507 days at work, including a hefty 204 days of overtime, crummy managers can have a big impact on our careers, as well as on morale, productivity and retainment.
NURSES and midwives have warned that recruitment and retainment difficulties are impacting people's care, as NHS vacancies in Merseyside rise.
In other issues, he said Notwane was one of the entity that had played a major role in the community, adding that it was therefore important for the club's leadership to develop a retainment strategy for the club.
It is an effective method of knowledge transfer promoting employee growth, institutional agility, team collaboration and retainment of intellectual assets.
Unions say that the real-term value of pay for teachers has fallen by up to 20 per cent over the last decade and will therefore require a significant raise to ensure the retainment of staff, as well as the recruitment of new teachers.
NSSF added two new regional member services representatives, Tisma Juett and Quinn Cassidy, to provide highly personalized service to members in defined regions across the ??.S., and work with FFL retailers, range owners and manufacturers to meet their needs and coordinate recruitment, reactivation and retainment efforts.
QPO's high rate of retainment -- around 80 percent of its 95 musicians have been part of it since it was first established -- contributes to its success.