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tr.v. re·took (-to͝ok′), re·tak·en (-tā′kən), re·tak·ing, re·takes
1. To take back or again.
2. To recapture.
3. To photograph, film, or record again.
n. (rē′tāk′)
1. A taking again.
2. The act or an instance of photographing, filming, or recording again.
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Noun1.retaking - the act of taking something back
recovery, retrieval - the act of regaining or saving something lost (or in danger of becoming lost)
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Some of their notable operations include lifting the sieges on the Aleppo Central Prison and Deir Ezzor city, along with retaking East Ghouta, Khan Sheikhoun, east Aleppo, Palmyra, and Al-Sukhneh.
The seat plan and other information is available in the website On October 23, the decision of retaking the test was taken at an emergency meeting of Dean's committee held at the vice-chancellor's (VC) office with DU VC Prof Akhtaruzzaman in the chair following students' protest.
In an interview with Gulf News on Saturday, Dr Ashok Kumar, CEO of Indian High School (IHS) in Dubai, outlined how he coordinated a massive campaign to convince authorities in India to exempt students in the UAE and Gulf countries from retaking the exams.
MAHMUD-E-RAQI -- Afghan government forces launched a series of cleanup operations in the country's eastern province of Kapisa, leaving eight Taliban militants dead and retaking several villages, an official said here on Sunday.
Malacaang on Saturday lauded the military's retaking of a strategic bridge in Marawi City from the Islamic State-inspired terrorists.
The Iraqi army, federal police and special forces, backed by the US-led coalition, are slowly retaking territory in Mosul where IS remains in control of a small cluster of neighbourhoods in the city's western half.
The temptation to lower the threshold for re-exposure when using direct sensors, due to the ease and speed of retaking direct images compared to PSP, may have contributed to this outcome.
He said in a press statement: according to plan for retaking Mosul, Peshmerga forces and the popular mobilization forces will not enter into the city.
The coalition intends to train Arab fighters to encircle Raqqah from the south as the isolation of the Syrian city from the north continues ahead of retaking the city, spokesman US Air Force Col.
The latest in a series of territory losses for "Islamic State" (IS) militants means that Baghdad can concentrate on retaking Mosul, Iraq's second city and the last IS stronghold in the country.
Summary: Several recent events in Syria suggest that Syrian President Bashar Assad and his allies are changing their strategy to focus on retaking more land from Daesh (ISIS) in concert with harassment bombing of opposition-held territories in western Syria.